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Well, the Oscar nominees have been anounced, and there are a surprising number of nominations for Lost in Translation!
I REALLY wanted to see this, but it never came to Waco. It should be on DVD within the next month or so, but I have heard nothing but good things about it.
Anyway.. Bill Murray is up for best actor in that one, and I really hope he gets it. I've been poking around, and he won a golden globe for his preformance in that movie, too. I think that it would be great if the academy recognized him here.

>..> But you know.. Jonhny Depp is also up for best actor in Pirates of the Carribean XD hehe. I have to cheer for him out of principle, but I think I'll be cheering a little bit louder for Bill Murray.

Now, I can understand that the academy may have been just a little bit confused in trying to categorize the actors in LOTR... but I think it's very surprising that Sean Astin isn't up there in the running for best supporting actor. I mean.. after you've watched two other movies with that crowd, it seems that all of them are leading actors... but when you get down to it, the main stories revolve around Frodo and Aragorn, pretty much leaving everyone else in supporting roles... which I suppose isn't that fair, because they all get decent ammounts of characterization.
Still, I would have loved to see Sean get a best supporting actor. I think his preformaces were excellent T..T

Oh wow.. WTF- Ok. Big Fish is apparently in this year's oscar race. Didn't see anything for it until I hit Best Acheivement in Music. Danny Elfman had better win >:O Or I will riot in the streets... just because!

And I really think that the oscar for Sound Editing should go to Pirates of the Carribean.. because it was just cool like that XD

Anyway.. I don't pretend to be knowledgable on the subject, and I think that this year's oscars are going to be exceedingly stupid. :D
So, let's all cheer for Bill Murray and Danny Elfman!

Edit: Zoi, I did that silly J-rock memegen thing too.

Your Mother is Yukina (Madeth Gray'll)
Your Father is Takuro (Glay)
Your Brother is Ryutaro (Plastic Tree)
Your Boyfriend is Miyavi
Your Best friend Is Takeo (Pierrot)
Your Pet is Emiru (Lareine)

Nooooo... I don't wanna date Miyavi T..T
At least I get Emiru, though :X


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