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XD Oh my

OK. Usually when I go check our refferer, I expect a lot of foreign people who use Xanga to steal our costume reference photos.... or some people heckling my fat ass on a BBS somewhere. This month, though.. we got some weird ones.. and they all seem to center around Greggo! O..O
One from livejournal
This was random
Also.. one of Ringo's Hufflepuff costume phots is getting hit a LOT. It's the one titled "curtsey," and people link to it randomly for a random curtsey. The internet is weird O..o
There was also a "random picture" thread on some BBS who liked to Mako& Ringo's Kogal outfits. WTF?? XD

Keep it up, internet.. Be more amusing and less insulting :P

Don't get me wrong. There was quite a fair share of foreign people eating bandwith, too. I was just more suprised by the lack of people insulting me this time around. The referrer eating up the most bandwidth, ATM, is a BBS with a cosplay hate thread, and they direct-linked to probably about 4 photos, but their insults wern't that witty, and one of the admins was trying to shut it down.

My stance, as before: If you're going to sit on your ass in front of the computer and do nothing but make fun of people who you do not think are sexually attractive, at least be creative about it. I was not put on this earth to make you horny, so deal :P


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