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I have NO CLUE what is going wrong with everything right now.
Akuma's car is not starting. We don't know why. Somthing similar happened last year, and the Chevy people said 2 cels on the battery were completely out.. so we had to change the battery.. and it was crappy. 120bucks or something like that.
And now it's happening again. I wasn't aware that new cars needed a new battery every year! This is shit. We don't know what's wrong with it, and it's completely dead. Oh yeah. 2000 Corvette. Shouldn't be a peice of shit, you would think.

I was using Akuma's PDA last night, and everything seemed fine, but apparently it's completely dead now. No low battery message or anything. Just dead.
And that sucks too.

As limited as my little homebound life is.. little things like this suck. When there are only two people in the house, and one is in a bad mood, it's hard to stay upbeat and happy. Little earthquakes are felt big right now.

Out of courderoy.
I still need to make the hood. I don't know how.. since the Noble head thing came out looking a bit odd.. but if I can peice it together with muslin and somehow make it work with the scraps I have, I will be happy. More than likely, I will be going down to the fabric store sooner than I would like, though.. and I will have to buy fabric. Fuzzy courderoy fabric.... that will probably not match in color and pile to what I have now. OH WELL >..<

Am I forgetting somthing? Oh yeah! My little brother's Link costume!!
I am really not very optimistic about having that done for Ushi...


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