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Why have I been slacking on ChaCha. There's a good reason, right?? RIGHT??

Not really.

I haven't been able to find my pattern.. but a circle skirt shouldn't be THAT hard... I'm kind of loath to do it without a pattern, though, because I'm really not sure what to do about the fact that it's courderoy, and courderoy is ribbed. What should I do about getting all the ribs to go in the same direction?? Since it's a circle skirt, should I bother? It's going to be off anyway! Should the be horizontal or vertical? Will anyone even care??? AIIIEEEE >..<

Pink blouse=hideoussssss... But I should start. That one should be easy. Animefest, it seems like all I've been doing are things with poofy sleeves. (iRO thief jacket, and both Princess Bride costumes..)
I guess I could start on that one. It's cold here, though, and the pilot's gone out. Gotta relight that, too.

For as productive as I was yesterday... getting banking done, running erands, figuring out my work schedule (I work tomorrow only... don't work at all Mon-Sat)... and wasting money... I feel so utterly lazy now.

I need to clean house a bit.
I need to start on costumes.
I need to figure out what I am bringing to Ushi.
I need to get in touch with people.
I need to feel better about myself.

And soon, I'll have to take a rental back to Hastings and go to HEB.

I rented Fireworks (Hana-bi) yeserday. Its a Takeshi Kitano movie about a detective with a life that is slowly spiriling downwards, and how it affects those around him and those whos lives are following a similar course. I think it was very good, and hard to sum up. It's depressing as hell, but it does have it's heartwarming and funny moments. There's also some violence accompanied by massive blood loss XD Wow.
Anyway.. it's a very good movie.. and a very deep movie, I think. I'm glad I rented it.
I don't normally rent movies.. but I've been renting a lot lately. Especially since it's easier to find the Japanese foreign films at Hastings.
I've been TRYING to check out Sharkskin Man&Peach Hip girl for the past MONTH, but it's NEVER there. And I still can't find Kikujiro.

But recent triumphs in rental:

Ichi the Killer
Another Heaven
Avalon (!!! Been waiting for ever to see this one!)
Taboo (fuckin finally. And for me to find out that it was mediocre... ahhhh...)

I say triumphs.. because while I love shopping at Hastings, and I used to work at Hastings, there are many things I HATE about Hastings.

1) DVDs always look like they've been down a child's throat or up a hick's ass when you get them home.. and most of the time, scratched to hell along with it. Renting DVDs SUCKS there. HOWEVER!!! No one rents the foreign films!!! XD And those that do actually know how to take care of DVDs.

2) Nothing is in it's place.

3) They keep moving things around, so that makes absolutely certain that if somthing WAS in it's place.. it sure as hell isn't anymore

4) I think people are stealing the Japanese movies o..O IMO, rental theft is a HUGE problem at that place... which is only more frustrating because:

5) Hastings never has titles available for both RENTAL and SALE. It seems to always be either one or the other. If you rented a movie and liked it, you probably can't buy it at the store.. and if you see it for sale, you probably can't rent it to see if you like it.

That aside.. I'm glad I rented Ichi the Killer RIGHT AWAY, because it's not there anymore. I think someone stole it. It hasn't been on the shelf since I brought it back.

Anyway... I'm starting my Kurosawa collection as of today. I haven't had any luck in finding a copy of his collection of short films "Yume," but yesterday, I bought Yojimbo. Akuma should like it, since he likes westerns, and it was remade as "A Fist Full of Dollars."

Bleh. Westerns. It seems a lot of translators and people equate Japanese samurai movies to westerns, also. I can see the connections.. but samurai movies are better.. because they're not cowboys with guns. They have swords and honor :P

Honor. Very important. Somthing too many people lack. Like Candice. ARGH (She just logged onto AIM. No honor in that little girl whatsoever.)

Anyway.. I'm going to go put my cold fingers on Akuma's back to warm them up, since I am evil. Then, I'm going to try to find a lighter and get the pilot back on.

From there, it is probably Yojimbo& sewing, or Yojimbo& cleaning. Yojimbo& SOMTHING, dammnit.


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