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I really need to finish all pending costume stuff.

To be completely honest, things are a mess right now.
I havent' been able to find the book (at work) that I need to write in to get Ushi off. The new 3rd key has no clue, and the assistant manager is brand new and doesn't know. I haven't worked at all with manager-san lately, and if I just call him and tell him.. he WILL forget. And then, he'll probably remember "somthing about that weekend," and schedule me anyway.

My direct deposit still hasn't gone through at work yet, and I'm running out of those idiotic comcheck cheques. The worst part is... I make so little I always wait a few weeks/months before I take the money out and deposit it into my banking account... which really doesn't do me any good, as far as actually paying bills is concerned. My little rant. I always have to ask Akuma for help. Even though we are married and he is willing to help me, I feel so utterly useless.

But yeah.. I've already got everything I need for the ChaCha costume. A cute wig is on the way, and I just need some white fabric to make the apron out of. I probably already have some I can use. If not.. off to Jo Anne's!
ChaCha won't take long at all.

The problem is this damned cold weather. It keeps me from being able to go out and work on Ray's fiberglass project- Link's shield from Legend of Zelda.

A freind is thinking about visiting soon to help me work on costumes. I'm really looking forward to it, because I need a nice kick in the ass and a weekend of sewing to get stuff done.

Edit: I'd written a very long and personal entry about things I never talk about with ANYONE other than Akuma. It was somthing that I felt I needed to share, and put a lot of time into it, but I forgot to copy/paste before hitting the "post" button. LJ errored/timed out, and I lost the post. I guess it wasn't meant to be.


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