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Movie night!
Tonight's features:

House of Wax (Vincent Price) Very nice!
Another Heaven (Japanese supernatural crime thriller)

This one was really cool. Menu pops up.. WTF?!?! Luna Sea?!?!?
Happiness... XD
Luna Sea's Gravity was apparently the theme song for this movie. I didn't even know. I picked up the DVD because it sounded interesting... and it was a pretty good movie! I liked it.
And imagine my surprise to boot up a random disk and hear LunaSea.
So.. naturally, my brother says "BURN ME THIS CD, yo!"
And I think... "um... XD I'm not sure what album this was off of. I think it was the last one" Check web. Yup. Last album. I don't have this one! >..<
When I was rooming with Mako-chan.. she bought it brand new and got the 1st press silly sticker-cover version. She listened to it. I loved it. Didn't buy it... because I kept listening to it when Mako was wearing it out XD
Oops. Sounds like an inventment I'll have to make.

However! I have one chance! There is still a folder on my drive from when Mako needed to back up some stuff. I have most of her computer playlist.. and if it's in there for any reason, I can sent Ray home with music XD


Working on Link's shield today. All was going well... for a nasty fiberglass project. Everything was holding up alright, but it was warping a little, so I propped it up. Seemed to work fine, but after it set, and I picked it up, I noticed it was, indeed, warped rather badly. Will try to salvage it, but I don't see much hope in making it look perfect. Maybe I can just make it look cool, and be done with it. Dunno. Gotta work tomorrow. Then, bondo will commence tomorrow... but more than likely Monday. Ray will leave Tues, and I will probably work on finishing it while he's gone. After all.. the fiberglass& bondo application is the nasty part. After I get it sanded down and looking nice, I think I will enjoy doing the craftsy stuff like paintint and adding the relief patterns, etc.
You guys should see it at Ushi.

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