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I went to Dallas yesteday.. spent money when I shouldn't have... but.. I bought the Malice Mizer "tourbook" you've been seeing up on ebay for 90.00. I got it for 41.00. I should have gotten it for 28.00 Damn planet Anime. I HATE how over-priced everything is through them. All manga and books are ALWAYS double-price. No shit. Manga.. shice in Japan only costs 3.50 or so..(no kidding.. check out the yen ammount onthe back.. you'll see what I mean) costs 7.00 at planet anime. They rip you off.. and NOTHING pisses me off more than that. Beleive me.. GRRRRRR
Anyway... I got some new glases. I use contacts, usually.. but I wear glasses when I'm too tired to put the contacts in.. or when I've taken them out for the day, etc.. and my old glasses were about 4 or 5 years old..
I hate leaving the LJ for more than a day... mostly due to the fact that lately 5 or so people will start filling out silly-ass surveys... so.. I then need to go back three pages or so to read all the LJ posts I've missed. >..< Just frustrating. That.. and there has been SOOO much negative energy coming from my LJ recently.. it's a frightening place...


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