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I can't sleep. I have to be off to work in 6 hours. I need sleep! I need insane ammounts of sleep, so it's no good not being able to sleep >..<
It's so frustrating. My eyes are burning, and I THINK I'm tired.. but I can't get to sleep.
Usually, lately.. when I haven't been able to get to sleep, I've thought about my silly little ghost story. I scribble down the best notes when I am delirious. I'm looking at this note pad that I keep by the bed, and I can't beleive how many pages of random material I have here.. yet there is so much of the story that's missing.
I've written down main parts of the plot, and insignificant things on the mechanics of the way the main character operates.
My leading man has no name, and barely any past.
My leading woman is nameless, faceless, and comepletely without character.
They say the best thing to do is write about what you know. So.. if I want to make up my little people here.. I should make them in the images of things I know.
But.. I can't see past my own nose here.
If I write about what I am comfortable with, I feel like I'm being kind of laxadazical (sp) in the creation process.. because it hardly feels like I'm creating anything new if I'm so familiar with it. But.. that doesn't mean it wont' be interesting for someone else..
My life is so mundane, though.. and I want to break from that and make this a good story. I don't want it to be about two mundane people in a mundane world. Doesn't seem that exciting for me.
I've always been drawn to fantasy.. but this isn't fitting for a fantasy setting.
But reality is boring.
This story is never going to happen if I keep stewing over details..
But it seems without details, it can't happen.
What a vicious cycle. I wish someone was online right now to bounce ideas off of....
But the ones I know that are there..
play iRO with me, make perverted jokes, and are helplessly obsessed with the Matrix. o..o
Not good story-bouncing-offing-material. No offense, guys.

I figured I might be able to sleep if I came here and just buckled down and tried to write SOMTHING of the story.. but I'm finding it difficult.
How frustrating.
I tell you, I am not cut out for this writing thing. I guess it's a good thing I'm not an aspiring author. XD

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