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Time for another oddessey through apple.com's movie trailers!

Again.. just a random post about interesting things..

Sylvia- Gwenneth Paltrow as Slyvia Plath. Seems interesting.. probably not going to see it.

Troy- Blockbuster-type thing with too many big names to mention. Just look it up in imDB. Heck. In case you don't beleive me, I'm going to copy/paste part of the cast listing. It's unbelivable!!
Credited cast:
Brad Pitt .... Achilles
Eric Bana .... Hector
Orlando Bloom .... Paris
Diane Kruger .... Helen
Sean Bean .... Odysseus
Brian Cox .... Agamemnon
Peter O'Toole .... Priam
Brendan Gleeson .... Menelaus
Saffron Burrows .... Andromache
Rose Byrne .... Briseis
Julie Christie .... Thetis
Garrett Hedlund .... Patroclus
Adoni Maropis .... Agamemnon's Officer
James Cosmo .... General Glaucus
Trevor Eve
Julian Glover .... Triopas
Alex King .... Apollonian Guard
Tyler Mane .... Ajax
Owain Yeoman .... Lysander

The casting seems spectacular, and despite how they're marketing it as an "OMGGGGG BIG WAR BIG STAR! YOU GO SEE NOW!!!" I think it's going to have some great acting.

Lost in Translation- I'd seen some trailers for this.. and it's apparently already hit theatres and most likely left. I missed it.. probably because somthing like this would never hit Waco. I really want to see it. Comes out on video in Feb. It's about Bill Murry, who plays an actor who entered into a 2mil. dollar contract to promote Suntory Whiskey in Japan.. and has no clue what's going on. He meets a kindred soul there, and it seems pretty interesting. Not a wacky off-the-wall comedy at all.. but it looks like it has it's moments, and balances drama&a pinch of comedy well.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - This looks REALLY good.
Jim Carrey/Kate Winslet/Kirsten Dunst/Elijah Wood
Can you say human instrumentality project? The premise is really interesting, and it's got a great cast. Don't know if it will hit Waco or not, though.
Check out the trailer on apple.com, and you'll see what I mean.

The Passion of Christ- I really don't know how I feel about this one. Mel Gibson wanted to make a Jesus movie.. and it's been surrounded by a LOT of controversey. Some of his sources are dubious at best, and it doesn't seem to be historically accurate. IE- It's pretty much been scientifically established that to crucify someone successfully, nails would have to be driven into the forearm just past the wrist.. because the bones in the hand cannot support the weight of a body. I think that using a bit of science can't hurt.. because saying Christ was crucified via nails through the wrist as opposed to nails through the hands does not debunk Christianity. A lot of people are saying that due to his sources and his take on everything, the movie is going to be highly anti-semetic.. and frankly.. I never understood Christian anti-semetism.
Don't get me wrong. I understand that they feel they must hate the Jews for killing their Christ.. but I think they are missing out on the point of everything and the greater picture. Give me a few hours, and I'll explain it to you some other time.. or just message if you're interested. I'll spare you the religious rant for now.

Spider-Man 2 WHOOT! XD Repeat after me: I am a consumer whore.
But you know.. I loved the first Spider-Man... made me really nostalgic.. reminded me of when I used to read comic books when I was younger. I think it was supposed to do that :P But I don't care. The trailer for the 2nd movie looks kickass. A lot of people have complained about The liberties taken with the story, which has created a small rift between cannon comics vs hollywood fans.. but I'm both. The first one was a great movie, even for the liberties it took. Naturally, the sequel is going to deviate from the comics a little more, to keep continuity, but in the end, I think it's going to be all good.

50 First Dates Ok.. now for the fun low-brow humor stuff. New Drew Barrymore/Adam Sandler movie. Premise: Guy falls in love with girl. Girl has no short-term memory. Girl forgets guy. A LOT.
So.. guy tries to come up with new ways to get the girl to remeber him. Looks really cute... and classic Sandler humor. I think it's going to be fun.

Envy Jack Black/Ben Stiller/Christopher Walken. I love any movie where Christopher Walken is in a comedy. His timing is great, and he's a fantastic actor. I love him to death :) Plus.. Akuma& I are Tenacious D fans.. so Jack Black is cool.. and so is Ben Stiller. Looks funny.


AND THIS intrigues me!
Ok... For those of you who have followed this a bit....
Lilo and stitch was supposed to be Disney's last classically animated feature film... as in.. Last of the old Cel-Animation style movies.. since their CG movies through Pixar were making sooo much more money.
So.. shortly after Disney anounced this. everyone was awaiting the release of Sinbad with baited breath. No, Sinbad was not a Disney movie.. but it was supposedly going to be the last traditionally-animated film slated for release in US theatres. And again, supposedly.. this movie would make or break the future of traditionally cel-shaded animated feature films. (Though.. it did integrate some CG). Anyway.. Sinbad flopped, and supposedly all future animated films were planned to be released CG'ed.
Now.. this raises the question...
Are they scrapping cel animation entirely, and going full 3-D rendered CG animation? Or are they just doing.. say.. what the Japanese are doing now.. and making more traditional cartoon-looking animated features using computers?
Considering how they wanted to be more successful.. and match the success of Monster's Inc over and over again, I would have guessed 3-D.
But check out the link to Home on the Range. Ok. The movie looks dumb. The poster is obviously CG. But.. It's not 3-D. It's cartoon-y. Notice that they even took up an OLDER classical Disney style.. similar to say Sword in the Stone& Sleeping Beauty. I have to wonder if they are animating this one on computers, and resorting to a classic Disney style to make audiences more comfortable with it.. or what?
Even if that was the case, it seems entirely pointless because it LOOKS like a regular animated film.

I'm confused.

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