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A pox on your dog's fleas!

Creative insult time! any contributions??

On any case... Senpu got a couple of shots again. It was time for boosters and stuff. He's been biting a lot. Matt was really cute.. he said the cat needed another distemper shot b/c he was being so mean spirited... ^..^ I had to explain that you don't give your animals shots to change their behavior.. (that's what neutering is for!! LOL) And the distemper wasn't having an ill temper.. it was actually a sickness you need to watch out for :D He's so cute!! Yesterday, he bought me a really cute Kero-chan doll and hung it from the ceiling so that I would see it as soon as I walked in the door. The funny part is the fact that he accidentally hung it about 2 inches out of my reach. It was funny.. I had to jump around to grab it. HAhahah
I'm in such a weird mood.


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