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Might as well!

Cosplaylab.com has been doing those look-alike contests a lot lately. I think they are silly, but it's a neat feature on the site I haven't really seen anywhere else. The costumes that they've been featuring in the look-alike contest are all submitted by cosplaylab.com members, and voted on by members, so it's kind of cool. They always pick the topic of somthing that's been cosplayed a LOT.. like FFX Lulu.. or Chii from Chobbits, or Vash from Trigun.
This month, they're doing Mana from Malice Mizer. XD As much as I hate to admit it.. yeah, mana is WAAAY over-cosplayed...Yeah.. I did a Mana costume too at one point in time.
And.. I'm actually pretty darn proud of it. So.. I thought.. .what the hell. Why not? I edited my costume photo to include a reference photo and a few extra shots of the costume.. added some more costume info on it and submitted it. Can't hurt, because it's not like they make fun of the losers or anything.
Winner gets temporary paid subscription to cosplaylab.. which is kind of cool, because they have a costume counter that lets you know who looks at what.
I think voting starts the last week of December. Could be fun! I'm actually pretty interested to see what other costumes are entered.

And speaking of cosplay.. working on Link costume right now for my little brother. Could be Gackt's long lost white cousin, for as much as he's been complaining.. keeps saying he doesn't "fit" in his dance belt -..-*** and he's worried about showing.... -..-** Because he's so magnum or somthing. Whatever. That's kind of gross. I'm your sister. Don't want to know. XP
So ladies... wanna date my brother? XD He's single, looks kinda like Link from Zelda... likes to wear hawaiian prints, and apparently doesn't "fit" in his dance belt. XP
Gotta finish hand-dying this white twill suiting for the tunic. I think it will come out nicely. I'm a bit depressed I couldn't find anything in bright green XD But I guess no one makes suits that color. At least since I'm doing it on stovetop by hand.. the fabric will have some variations.. and that definite hand-dyed look.. so the textures in the fabric might add some extra visual appeal. Link's outfit is so bland anyway... it looks nice, but you need lots of textures to make it look interesting iRL, otherwise you end up with a very flat-looking outfit.


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