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Ok. The Tifa gallery is down... it's BEEN down for a while. But, Google still likes to show my butt off to anyone who asks, so I've deleted the Tifa directory from PW.org. No worries.. I copied it all to my HD first. I'm just tired of all the excess negativity it's generating.

With Tifa gone, all that's left are the bitchy J-rock fangirls who hate my cosplay, and all the identity and bandwidth-theft bitches.
Poor ringo is having to deal with that chick who insists she's roleplaying this uber-wizard from ther Harry Potter books.. And whaddya know? Her RP character... IS RINGO! OMG.
She still hasn't taken down the photos yet, and Ringo's trying to find new and creative ways to fix the solution. I wish her luck.

In the meantime, I wish people from france, brazil, and germany would quit stealing our reference pictures for their blog layouts.

Yeah. You nasty people all suck >:(

Playing Sword of Mana. Damn. This game is harder than I thought it would be. I guess my Priestess/monk chick isn't as strong as I thought she would be.

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