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I woke up early today to head off to work at 10:30 am, assuming I had to be there at 11AM.. which is what I had written down on the schedule.
At 10:01 AM, I received a phone call from the store manager wondering where the hell I was. He said I had to be there at 10:00am, and that I was late.
This is the same store manager that says if you are late for a shift or miss a shift, he will NOT give you any hours the next week.
I freaked out, and said that I had 11AM written down, but I'd be right there.
I put my hair up, grab some clothes, and I'm about 3 minutes away from being in my car when I get another phone call. I didn't even wait for the machine to pick up. I just answered it.
It was Mr. Manager again, saying not to bother coming in, since he'd found someone to cover my shift. Especially since I sounded like I didn't want to work.
I was upset that I'd screwed up. I was hurrying to get out the door. I woke up EARLY to shower, dress, etc to go to work. If I didn't want to go to work, I would quit and sit at home. Of COURSE I wanted to work.
Mr. Manager also said I should call the store later to find out when I work next, since that's when the schedule would be out.
Um... When I was first hired, I was told that the schedule would be up around Mon/Tues before the week started. Meaning the schedule for the week starting SUNDAY.. TOMORROW.. should have been up last Monday. I didn't bother to look, though, because I was counting on working today, and writing down my hours then.
But... I didn't get to work.
If you know me.. you know I think in worst-case scenarios.. so when things go right, I'm pleasantly surprised. So... I immediately started fearing for my job. All I heard from work at the pre-Christmas store meeting was how our jobs were all in jeopardy, and if we slipped up, we'd lose our hours for the next week, and possibly be let go after Christmas.. in favor for some of the new temp employees. I've been really worried about losing this job for a while now.. and it's the first time I've ever worried so much about losing a job. So.. around Thanksgiving.. I'm offered a chance for 3rd key.. and I was not so worried anymore.. because obviously if he was considering me for that, he wouldn't fire me... but... I messed up today. I don't know why I had the wrong time written down.. but it was. And... instead of just letting me come in a few minutes late.. (I live, literally 5 minutes away from work) he just cut me and called someone else in. Basically told me not even to bother. So.. naturally, I was worried about not getting any hours next week anyway XP

So.. to get my mind off that.. Akuma& I went "Christmas" shopping. We had a freinds& family coupon (from a freind) from Old Navy that gave us 20% off the entire purchase. We figured we might find something for someone there, but ended up just buying things for ourselves. Akuma got a new pair of sweatpants (YAY!) and two pairs of cargo pants (I always borrow his cargo pants, so its like new pants for me, too XD ) and I got a new dress skirt (It's really cool) and a pair of cool-looking jeans. Amazingly enough, Old Navy makes trendy clothes for fat people. I brought the jeans home and tried them on.. completely oblivious to the fact that they are....
Low-rise!!! Oh. My. God.
If I bent over in these, I could probably have a successfull carreer as a plumber. I don't think I have underwear that would work with these.. maybe those cosplay thongs.. o..O Ugh. I feel like I've just had a massive life-change, and I just bought a pair of jeans. They fit beautifully, though.. and would probably look fabulous if I was a little thinner... or, at least.. didn't have a gut& an ass. I do have a few long-ish blouses, though, that I think they'll go quite well with.
They have some dangly things hanging from the bottom that are cool.. but unfortunately, Old Navy.. I'm fat AND short.. so they're too long at the bottom. I really do wish I had prettier legs. Longer, if anything. The fat part is my own damn fault. I can't help being short, though. I mean.. I'm not TERRIBLY short.. and I'm just about the right hight for hugging Akuma, but jeans are ALWAYS too long for me. XP I think that these new booty pants are going to be fun.. and may even be the last bit of inspiration I need to start a spongebob regiment of my own.
For those of you who don't know, Mako went from thin to thin with a 6-pak by doing sit-ups every day while watching Spongebob
I don't aspire to lose the 50 lbs I need to lose. I don't aspire to really lose much at all, because I don't think it's possible. At my best, I was a size 9, and I know that was as good as I can do. But.. I don't think I'll ever be there again. I do want to start getting some muscle tone, though. That, I can hope for.


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