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The mystery thong, part 2!!

I need to look around some more, but there's a very small chance it might be mine.. bought in a random 2-pak that I'd purchased for costume purposes. Who knows??
I'll figure this out eventually.. or find a way to explain it away so it doesn't bother me anymore.

Anyway.. it got me thinking.
I've seen the underwear of a few of my freinds! It's kind of scandalous!
yeah, right...
But, I've seen shampooza's hello kitty panties, and I've seen the panties of others on occassion... So I figured I might as well ask the rest of you.

What kind of underwear do you wear?
Do you like cotton, satin, granny panties, boxers, briefs, etc?
What's your favorite pair look like? Stripes, flowers, whitey-tighties?
So you don't feel shy, I'll share. I really like the Hanes cotton sporty underwear. It has a wide band of elastic, is relatively lowcut, and cotton is always nice. They don't crawl around, and they dont' show if I have to bend over and get somthing. (I would wear these blouses, and when I'd bend over, I was always paranoid my panty band would show at the top)
In any case... since I never plan on sleeping with any of you, this is the easiest way to get into your pants :P So spill
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