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Well, Zoi and I had a great discussion about Anne Rice the other night,and I decided that last night, I ought to pick up where I left off and just finish Blackwood Farm. Well, when picked up the book last night, I realized that I hadn't gotten more than 10 pages into it.. so I just started over again.
The vast majority of the book was about the mortal life of the main character Tarquin.
The family dynamics were interesting.. and I always found Rice's accounts of Maharet's great family fascinating. I never really got into the Mayfair Witch books, though, which is ironic considering how much I enjoyed reading about Quinn's old family.
So yeah.. I enjoyed the book quite a bit until I got to the parts I normally like.. if that makes any sense.
I liked the earlier books in the Vampire Chronicles because I liked the vampires. It seems that everytime a vampire showed up in "Blackwood Farm," though, the lame-ness factor grew exponentially. By the time I got to the end, I was just sitting there numb and kind of shocked at how stupid and senseless teh ending seemed to me.
As much as I loved the older Chronicles, I now dub "Oops I did it again" (you know.. the Brittney Spears song) the new theme song of the Vampire Chronicles. Kill of a character for no reason. Make some new vampires for no reason... whatever. Lame. >..<
Though in the end, I did find Quinn terribly fascinating. ^..^ I can see why Zoi likes him so much.
To be brutally honest, the ending of "Blackwood Farm" played out like a bad RPG run in an AOL Chatroom. It just kind of went from one thing to another with this morbid propelling force, without making much sense at all. When you read any sort of fantasy or supernatural-type novel, you have to have a suspension of disbelief to allow yourself to enjoy it. The best books of this type do not stretch the reader's suspension past it's limits. Old haunted plantation house.. that's not much of a stretch. Mysterious voodoo-witchy type ceremonies.. um.. sure.. whatever.. I guess so... the end of "Blackwood Farm"??
A resounding WTF??????

I am, however, rather amazed that I plodded through it in all it's deviant sexual glory in just over 2 days. -..-***
(I swear.. the Anne Rice novels I used to read didn't used to talk about sucking vampiric blood from hermaphrodidic members, or mention cocks every other chapter. I feel dirty T..T)


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