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Victory over tower 7. Who owns you now, biotch?!?!?!
On to tower 10 -..-***
Reverse memory button input.
They give you a sequence of buttons to repeat. First they flash the buttons.. then when you hit input, you're supposed to press them back... BACKWARDS.
This is going to take me a while.
The thing is.. it's all timed, and I can't pause the game to write down the longer combos.
See, you start off with 2-button combos.. which isn't bad at all..
Then you go to 3&4 button combos. I'm ok with the 3 button combos, too, but once I hit the 4&5 button combos, I get mixed up XP
If I had a person here to help me and write them down, and then repeat them back to me backwards, it'd be a snap, and I would be done with this moronic minigame once and for all. But... I don't have anyone to help me with this :( So, I might be stuck on another dumb minigame for 2 days XP

And in other news!!
I got my T-shirts today from lemoned_sakura, and he sent me the original copy of his KamuixFuma picture! Wow, thank you!!! :D I will put it in my cel binder with the Kyo picture.
I will note, however, that he scanned his drawing in first this time, before sending it... so as not to repeat the same thing that happened with the Kyo picture. I got it, loved it, and I have not yet, to this day, scanned it in for him like promised XD I keep forgetting.. That being said... you, kind readers may be thinking "Well, she obviously remembered it right now. Why doesn't she just do it right now??"
Well.. the drawing is in one of my cel books, and I have quite a few.. and I'd have to go through them to find out which binder I put it in.. and quite frankly, I'm lazy XD
I'll more than likely remember to do it when I make my web-gallery of my cel collection.. and that is bound to happen.... one of these years -..-***
I have some really great ones I want to show off T..T

Oh well. Back to stupid minigame. Tower 10 is going down. Even if I have to call someone up and have them help me over the phone XD They just need to repeat back to me whatever I said, but backwards, after all


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