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Final Fantasy X-2!

Oi. I should sleep, but I want to see the ending.

So, I am faced with a dilemma.... I know I should take my time and be anal and try to get all of the costumes.. but I really want to see what is up with the story.
I loved the X story so much... and while I really did like Tidus a lot more than Yuna, this story so far is campy, silly& fun.. but it hints at some serious stuff. Which means.. I need to put in a lot of playtime to get to the meat of this game! Oh no! I have already missed a few costumes. I don't know if I can get them later or not, though :( I am over 10 hours into the game, too, and I don't want to start over again... especially since the game is kind of selective about what story you can skip.
But... at the same time.. I'm feeling impatient XD I mean.. This is what I wanted. I wanted a game that would keep me occupied for a large ammount of time, but now I'm finding myself entirely too impatient to get through the story.
Oh well.
FFX-2 is very silly so far, though. It's like a bunch of guys brainstorming together, trying to figure out what a girl's night out is like. So.. it's a lot of giggling, silly dialouge, and crotch& panty shots. There's some good humor in it, though, which is welcome if you're not there for the panty shots :P
The game is killing me. I'm playing through it with the english dialouge. I was anxious to start, so I didn't check and see if they left the Japanese language track on or not. The acting, IMO, is better than X.. but a lot of these voices sound very familiar. I know that Square's been on a big celebrity voice kick.. I mean, just look at Kingdom Hearts...
IMDB has a pretty sad listing for FFX-2, also. I mean, the Japanese and English voice actors are all mixed together, and there are only partial listings for both. There's this Al Behd guy that I've completely fallen in love with. :) He's the best character so far, and he's not a playable character, or even anyone on your ship. He's the head of the machine faction, and he's so cool! :D
But yeah. This game is silly. I want my Tidus T..T Wandering through the world now, 2 years after the events in FFX is cool, though. It's neat to see how everything has changed.. and when things happen.. like you find out such-and-such place has been turned into a tourist attraction... it really touches you. I mean, I put 100+ hours into the Spira world before, so you get kind of attached to the world you were playing in. So.. they don't have to set up backstory at all, and little things become very moving. At the same time, I think that someone playing this game without having played FFX can still enjoy it without the backstory of the 1st game. Some parts might be confusing... but it is a sequel after all..
Nitpicky gripes:
Lulu is pregnant. Lulu can feel the baby kick sometimes. Lulu is wearing her vinyl skirt and corset and isn't showing any sort of belly at all!! WTF???? XD
Yuna+Rikku=crazy cheerleading squad. Paine is thrown in kind of like the Eyore to their Pooh.. but every now and then, she joins in too. It gives her character a weird dynamic... which is kind of cool, but most of the time, they are doing Charlie's Angels poses and giggling a lot. T..T

This game is the most non-linear FF game I've played since the SNES days.
You have SUGGESTIONS on where to go to forward the story, but if you dont' feel like doing that, you can find some sort of mission in every other area on the world map, and you are free to travel around as much as you want (with a few exceptions, when you are in the middle of a story section and MUST go to spot X)
Despite the game taking place in a world that has already been explored, they were able to add a lot of new areas! The element of jumping has given the developers a whole new plane to add stuff.. so.. occassionally, they add a way to move up vertically that adds a new area.. or a place you couldn't get into in the first game is now open.. or in some cases, new areas have been discovered because of what you did in the previous game. It's really kind of cool, how they've worked this extra stuff in. ^..^
There is a lot more humor in this one that probably would have been too silly for FFX. There's this segment where you dress up in this skin-tight pink and orange number, and have to give this chick a backrub. Basically, you stradle her butt, rub her back, and try to get her to make the most porno noises in a row, or you have to do it over again. Seriously. When you rub her well, she says things like "OH GOD YES!" and "OH GOD, YOU ARE SOOOO GOOOD" Backrub. Yup!
On that note.. since this is a panty-shot game, there is a lot more "adult" humor.

I already have my own suspicions about the story.. but a few twists recently thrown in lead me to beleive that perhaps the story will not go down the way I think it's going.
Either way.. if Yuna sees Tidus again.. it could possibly be a good ending.
If she never sees him again.. it'll be another tear-jerker, but a good ending none-the less.
Sadly, the Guado have let Guadosalam, and they are the only ones who know how to fix up the far plane.. so I can't go there and visit dead freinds :(
Which reminds me... weird perverted moments arn't really the only "adult" themes in this game...
The game also deals a lot with genocide, racism, and persecution. I think that some of the more sobering themes that have carried over from the previous game give it the little depth it has (so far. Who knows. May turn out to be a really deep game).
In any case.. I'm going to be VERY depressed if I don't get all the costumes.. but otherwise, I'm having fun with it. It's kind of cool.. going through old areas thinking "I found a treasure chest here," or "this is where I sat and talked with X character," or "Seymour used to live here" I'm getting very nostalgic. Ahhhhhh!! Tidus!! How I loved your whiny ass!
A lot of people didn't like Tidus.. but I did. I loved him. And the best part was... despite what he got dragged into, he managed to grow as a character... Right when things were really looking up, and right when everyone starts to realize how much he had, in fact, grown.. somthing tragic happens... and you see him shine. T..T TIDUS!! WAH! I will admit that I haven't been so attached to an imaginary character in quite a while.
I beleive that I am probably playing FFX-2 for different reasons than most.
It was mostly made to be a fun game staring Yuna.. where you get to see things from her point of view.. get a lot of fanservice, and get to go adventuring with.. YUNA. I hate Yuna. But I love Tidus. Yuna's journey in this game is to find the person who looks similar to Tidus to find out whether or not it is, in fact Tidus. I don't think the male audience is going to care about THAT aspect of the story quite as much.. but that's what's driving me.. which, I suppose, is why I'm so impatient to get through the story.
I know what the answers to the questions SHOULD be.. but I want to see if the writers surprise me. I want to find Tidus T..T waaah!
I think I'm going to go to bed now and sob over a videogame character for a while.

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