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stupid commercials

New listerene advertises that they have a new citrus flavor that is "less intense." Is this the PC way of a company admitting that their product tastes like crap?

Saw the HP: Prisoner of Azkaban teaser! Thanks to haripota :)
Looks very spiffy! I think this is probably one of the best teasers I've ever seen, because it shows you a little of everything you REALLY REALLY want to see, without giving it all away. ^..^
I think that despite all the roadblocks, problems, and unfortunate events that have surrounded the filming of this installment, it's going to be spectacular. It's going to be hard to wait until June, though... :/
I mean, come on.... A-kon is June 4-6 this coming year... and Harry Potter releases on the 4th! I'm half-tempted to miss the first day of A-kon for it.. HAHAH. I won't... but I'll have to wait... not only until after A-kon, but until Akuma's next week off to see it, and it's going to kill me! T..T Especially since I know all of you all will be talking about it :P Damned freinds list full of Harry Potter freaks :P

I've been playing Fire Emblem recently (GBA).. and it's really cool. I'm in this STUPID castle level right now that's giving me all sorts of problems.. and only because I'm so anal that I won't let a single one of my troupes die while I'm working my way through... that, and I insist on getting every treasure chest, etc. I've been spending the better half of the evening trying to get through the blasted level, and it's got me very frustrated >:(

Ragnarok just announced that Sakray is getting the monster skills& abilities patch on Tuesday. Oh boy :(

Edit: Re-watching the teaser to see if I missed anything. If you choose to, ignore the following bits of idiotic gushing over the trailer:

The actor who plays Neville Longbottom is getting really skinny! He doesn't look like himself anymore.
Lupin looks like a used car salesman :D
Malfoy's lost the slicked-back hair look XD
I really thought Hermione's new cat would look more like Senpu XD Instead, it looks like Fizgig from the Dark Crystal.
The Dementors are going to be cool!!!!
To those of you who have tried correcting me on the pronunciation of Sirius Black's name..


All in all, I think this movie is going to be really slick :)


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