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And I am no longer impacted.

Things are much more wonderfuller in that place I get paid for being at, now. I mean, they were good before.. but now I can sample games. Today, I borrowed a copy of Karaoke Revolution, and had a bunch of freinds over to sing. I wasn't very good, but it was fun. I was thinking about buying it.. but then we played for such a long time that we nearly unlocked everything, and I couldn't play in the harder modes, because I suck at singing so much.
So.. fun game.. great for parties& the rare occasion in which I have them...
But I'm out 70 bucks.
I guess I can always borrow a store copy again if I need it, but I'm not sure I want to buy it anymore. Dunno.
I have the game until Weds, but I do not think I will really play it a lot between now and then, so I may take it back tomorrow and buy that copy of Millenium Actress that I saw... And then maybe borrow an anime DVD or somthing, if Mr. Manager is there to do the paperwork.
I had to wake up VERY early for a store meeting today. I need to get some rest... I even drank some wine to make me sleepy, but I don't know that I'll be that tired. I also have to make sure that the trash is out on the curb, since it will go tomorrow morning.. and we are still recovering from the party. (Still lots of trash!)
I am also still slowly purging unneccesary items. I think cleaning the closet will be next, since it's a horrid mess.
So.. that being said, I ask again:

If anyone has a EBAY account, and uses it to sell things.. please advise.
Right now, ebay is asking me for either: Credit card #, Personal Checking account, or a 5-dollar charge for identity verification. Which is best?
I do not have a verified paypal account, either. Akuma has a paypal account, but unverified. It is his, and I don't have the password to it. This taken into account.. what is the easiest, SAFEST way to deal with ebay.. and get my seller's charges taken care of at the same time?


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