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Well.. I took it once, and it didn't seem to terribly accurate, so I took the longer one, and it seems more accurate.
But, you guys already knew I was an overbearing, violent, bitch, right? :P I'm one of those anime characters I hate the most. I mean.. I swear I'm not a Naru, and most of the time that sort of behavior is to cover insecurities.. but in many cases, inside, I'd rather just sit down and cry. It's all about the self confidence, though. If I want to be seen as strong-willed, I sure as hell better behave strong-willed. People will generally think what they want you to think about them. You just have to know how to behave to influence their opinion.. and I don't want to be seen as weak. I shall punish you with violence!

Oh hey- Those of you with ebay seller accounts- How does that work out??
I mean, I've been spending money on ebay auctions since '99, but I never got registered to sell. It seems very intimidating, at any rate. I read up on all the fees, etc... and I'm wondering... is is better to register a credit card, checking account, or get an ID verified? And if you get an ID verified, how do you cover your Ebay listing charges, etc?
I'm just kind of wary when it comes to just handing them a credit card/bank account. I only have 1 checking account, and I don't really think it's a good idea to hand them my primary checking #. All advice is appreciated! I'm thinking about cleaning house soon and having an online garage sale. (No worries Akuma, I'm not getting rid of any of your stuff!)


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