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The end of the weekend of chocolate and liquor

Everyone is gone now, except my brother! The party, I hope, was a success.
Lots of stuff happened, but in the end, it all turned out pretty well.
In any case... here is my biased account of what happened.
Weds- My little brother comes into town. We stock up on stuff.
Thurs- We stock up on more stuff, and I try to get everything clean. I do beleive this is when Puu and Mizz got into town, but I don't remember, exactly.
Party Foul #0!! It's 0, because it's pre-party. I spilled a guiness, and it made me sad XD Mizz said "PARTY FOUL!!!" so that's why it's #0
Fri-The house was fairly empty all day. We ran a LOT of errands Fri, picking up things I'd forgotten earlier in the week, and getting last-minute house cleaning stuff done. We managed to get The deck cleaned off, and a lot of the walkways around the house cleaned off. We also managed to get a few lightbulbs replaced. Bossman, Goat and N-kun arrived, and we played with the trick-or-treaters. A little later, a few more Austin people showed up, and things were looking up. Around midnight, the last of the party-goers that I was expecting made it into town. A few hours later, a CRAPLOAD of local people that I didn't think would come did, in fact, show up, and everyone proceeded to get drunk.
I'd stocked up on alcohol before everyone came, so it was all good. Everyone had a good time, and drank a lot. We had designated drivers, and no one tried to take off while they were drunk. We had 2 pukers, and they both kept it outside. Party Foul #1 happened after people had been drinking for a while. Someone spilled a drink in the middle of my couch T..T I was very sad about this, because it was spilled on the center reclining seat in the sectional sofa. (Where I normally sit) The cushion is attached to the couch, so I couldn't take the cusion off and hold it upside down, or flip it over or anything, so I had to make due with a handheld carpet cleaner. We ran out of soap for it in the middle of things, so I went out with N-kun to get some more. HEB didn't have anything that I figured would work, so we headed out to WAL-MART. I picked up some soap for the machine.. some scotch guard, a bunch of sodas, and some chips. While I was checking out the chips, I saw some queso that looked really tastey, so we picked that up, too :D
When we got back, many people were quite drunk. I finished shampooing the seat, and tried to keep people from sitting on it while it was still damp. I did about 2 loads of dishes, and did general cleaning-type stuff, and made sure that no one was breaking anything. ( I always get very paranoid, even when I don't need to, that something will get broken, spilled, etc.)
In any case... While I'm cleaning, I turn around and notice that the tortilla chips and cheese are gone. I started looking around to see who opened them, because I wanted to make sure I got some before they were gone!! I couldn't find them anywhere, though!! I didn't even see empty containers in the trash. I was very depressed, b/c I was looking forward to my cheese. (Hence the previous livejournal post)
In any case.. Party Foul #2 was the cheese incident. I found out later that some very drunk freinds went home, and on the way out, asked if they could take some "beer and shit" home with them. Akuma said that it was ok, so they left with the rest of the beer in the fridge (-..-*) AND MY CHEESE and the chips we bought to go with it!! I was so depressed. I found out later that there were only 2-3 beers left, so that was cool.
But whole packages of unopened food that were just purchased?? I thought that was kind of selfish to take it home, since it was for everyone, and not just Mr. Drunk :P But whatever. Cheese makes a cameo later anyway.
Poor Akuma had to work Thurs night.. so he slept all Friday. It was very difficult trying to get him to wake up to hang out on Friday. I was wearing my princess Buttercup dress by myself through most of the evening. I can't really be upset with Akuma, since he works so hard.. but I was rather sad that I was by myself most of the evening. He did wake up later, and we spent a good ammount of time dressing him up. He wandered around for a little bit, and then he wanted to get out of the costume, so we took some pictures. IT's amazing how you can spend a lot of money& months working on somthing that only gets worn for a few minutes T..T
Party Foul #3 was really poor drunken Woody. Woody is a very heavy drinker. Woody is also one of my EX-boyfreinds from many many years ago... and if there really were dwarves in the Tolkein-sense... he would be one.
In any case.. he got very drunk and passed out. I was staring at him (he was out on the deck) and I noticed he was drooling heavily. Not 2 seconds later, I see his stomach doing the mambo, and vomit spewed forth vertically like a fountain. I personally found it very interesting that someone could vomit while asleep.. .and was VERY FUCKING THANKFUL that he was on the deck, and not in the house. In any case.. a bunch of us had to try to get him to turn over so that he wouldn't choke on his own digestive fluids. Mizz did the most work in helping out Woody. I don't know what we would have done if he wasn't there. My little brother also got very drunk, and vomited a few times. Puu was wonderful, and helped him out, too.
I was getting very grouchy about this time, just from staying up so late, and having all the crappy stuff happen all at once. So.. I got really tired and passed out....which made me miss Party Foul #4. IMO, this one was a big deal.
When Akuma and I were married, we received a goose down comforter from Makoto& Ringo. They had trouble getting it, and it was on backorder, but it eventually arrived, and I love it!! I don't have a duvet cover on it yet, though, because I want to sew my own, and make it special. It will probably involve a lot of embroidery or somthing fancy like that, because of how special I want to make it. I have not used this comforter AT ALL. It was essentially BRAND NEW in package, stashed away in a corner of the guest bedroom, still zipped in it's bag. I didn't think it would be a problem, since there were 4-5 quilts just on top of the guest bed, and the comforter was still sealed in it's bag.
When I came in the room Sat morning, Mizz was sleeping on top of it. Since everyone was wandering around Friday night in bare feet, everyone's feet were pretty dirty, and I was upset that someone was laying ON TOP OF a feather comforter. I talked to him, and he admitted that he'd just laid down on top of it, and that it was Palin that had pulled it out. Words cannot explain how upset I was about this. I was not upset at Mizz or Puu or Deis, though. I was upset with Palin.. and he didn't really seem that sorry. I guess he didn't think it was a big deal to be the first fucking person to use one of my wedding gifts. Forgive me for being selfish. But that was a wedding present given to Akuma and myself by two very dear freinds. It's very special!
SAT-I woke up pretty late!! Around 10-11AM. I was really expecting to wake up a lot earlier, but I guess I needed the sleep. At conventions, I always wake up early.. but I guess since I was in *MY* bed, it was easier to sleep in. Akuma worked Sat morning from 8AM-2pm, so there wasn't anyone doing damage control in the morning. Apparently, though, it wasn't an issue, since everyone was recovering from last night. Later Sat. night, I peiced together via conversations from others that Woody was taken home by another freind, and that he made the poor guy's car stink to high-heaven :(
In any case.. Sat morning was pretty tame. Everyone was recovering and just really mingling and chatting and having fun together. We played some games, watched some movies, etc.. and then a few more local freinds arrived.
This is the part where I got very drunk.. lol
Needless to say, I had a VERY good night.. didn't puke, went to bed happy, and woke up with a slight sore throat.. That's it! :D
Sunday was mostly cleanup and goodbyes, but I had a lot of fun this weekend!
I know I listed a lot of negative stuff, so I just wanted to make sure that I list the good stuff too. Some of the best parts:
~~Playing Soul Calibur II with the ROC guys. (I'm ok, but I lost a lot and Bossman made fun of me!! XD)
~~Word association games with Cosmic, Loggera, Goat, Heim, & 'Lessa
~~Talking with all the people I had not seen in a long time
~~Having so many of my freinds gathered together in one place
~~Pigging out on junk food
~~Getting drunk and hugging everyone
~~dressing up in costume
~~Snugglefest pt 2

My sore throat is starting to go away a little bit.. I dunno.
I don't seem to get hang overs unless I drink to the point of puking. Instead, I wake up with a scratchy& sore throat.
I could never be an alcoholic rock star.


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