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28 October 2003 @ 03:38 am
I had a reasonable conversation with Mr. Manager, and we cleared things up.
Apparently, you can only ask for time off one month in advance. I didn' think this was a problem, but here's where the technicalities step in.
Sat is Nov. 1st. When I wrote my time off in the big-book-of-time-off, it only went through Oct. 1st, and was not valid for Nov. 1st, since Nov. 1st is... november..
So.. yeah.. that sucked.
Anyway... He said that one of the other employees owed him a favor, and they found someone to cover my shift. I was perfectly happy with trading, but in the end, I just got that day off.
All's well that ends well, and now I don't have to leave people unattended in my house.

Unsuccessfully raided Hastings looking for Taboo and Kikujiro. Not only are they moving everything around again.. but they're also putting new carpet in.. so I can't find anything anymore.
Rented 28 days and the Diary of Ellen Rimbaur. I'd already seen Rose Red, and I liked the Diary. Haven't watched 28 days yet. My free rentals were no longer valid, so that just makes everything hilarious.
In any case..
Also bought last vol. of Chobbits and 2nd vol. of Basara.
Must go read chobbits and pass out.
(Deleted comment)
HIDE your facekyonomiko on October 28th, 2003 01:05 pm (UTC)
Kikujiro is not a hentai! :O


But yeah. Kikujiro has not been a new release for a long, long time. Before they started moving things around, it was in Drama, even though it's a foreign film. Well, after they moved things, I checked, and it wasn't in Drama anymore. So, I checked comedy, and then foreign film section, which is a HIDEOUS mess right now... and it wasn't there, either. XP
lordneos on October 28th, 2003 03:14 pm (UTC)
Kikujiro kicks ass. *watched it for the first time last week oddly* Anything with Beat Takeshi in it tends to be fun i've noticed.