HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Feeling productive

I had all this great crap typed out with all sorts of links and reference pictures, etc, but LJ lost it all :/ So depressing!

Lots of stuff cleaned in the house, though. STuff as old as the wedding still lying around, but it's almost all gone now.
I got so much done so far today!

Working on my dress. Working without a pattern is frustrating.. and I problems finding patterns for anything I do.. so sewing sucks a lot.
This page has a lot of good ref. pictures for my costumes. I had wonderful links to all the best reference photos to the parts I was working on.. but poo!

In any case.. things are being really intersting without a pattern, and I've already messed quite a few things up.. so it won't be an exact replica. It will be good enough, I think. Have to wait and see. I have to put the sleeves on and make sure everything looks right, and then I'll attach it to the skirt and teach myself how to install a zipper. THAT should be fun, huh?

If this progresses, I should get a lot of cleaning done.. but I still don't know that I'll get all of Akuma's costume set :/ I'll have to cross my fingers on that bit. The best I can do is finish my costume ASAP so I have everything that *I* have control over taken care of, and see where the rest falls.
Oh.. that, and hope I can somehow get Sat. off. Doing a midshift kind of wrecks the whole day, but at least it's not a night shift.


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