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Fan as in Fanatic. What's your definition?
If someone were to say they were a fan of a certain thing.. or belong to a certain fandom, what would it entail?
Does this mean they religiously follow multiple bands, since it is a genre in general? If they follow a few old bands, but don't really follow new stuff, do they still qualify as a fan?
How about being fans of X number of bands, but not knowing all their stats by heart? EX: I am a big fan of Buck-Tick, but for the life of me, I can't name all the members at once, and I can't name every song I hear. If it's a song I've heard, I can recognize it as a B-T song, and I might even be able to tell you what album it came from, but I can only idendify a handful of songs by name. (Listen to the CDs mostly in my car, and don't stare at a tracklisting as I drive, sorry) So. Does this make me any less of a fan?
(We'll continue using Buck-Tick as an example here, for the sake of the questions, but any number of things can be plugged in here) If I called myself a B-T fan, what would that entail?
Would is simply boil down to an enjoyment of the music, or would there be other qualifiers?
Would it be somthing quanitfied in the ammount of merchandise owned or the number of albums owned?
Is it even somthing you can stick your finger on?

In any case.. notice I didn't even ask if it had anything to do with prefering the band's image :P (Not nessesarily because B-T is an aging band.. lol.. but more because I think it's easier to define fandom of "bandX" as enjoyment of the music the band makes, and not the image it has.)

Just kind of curious. This has been rattling around in my head for a few days, and I'd like to hear other people's opinions & definitions on fandom.
Use manga, anime, music, or whatever your prevalent fandom is. I'd like to think the definitions for this are pretty universal anyway. Guess I'll have to wait and see.


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