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Cleaning the house. The cat is getting in the way, knocking everything over. I'm trying to clean... but he just wants to kick things around and make a mess T..T
I did, however find a funny looking envelope on the counter.
Back around the last few days before the wedding, I'd received some doujinshi from an ebay auction.. but since I was mostly working on my dress, I didn't have enough time to look them over.
One was a FF7 "All about Vincent!" doujinshi. The other one was an FFX Auron doujin. To my knowledge, they were both clean, with mild shounen ai. Neither had many scans, so I wasn't sure what exactly to expect.

The Vincent one is HILARIOUS! I will have to try and get some scans somehow. It has a very nice binding, and it's mint from '97, so I' may just take photos with the digital or somthing... but it's the funniest thing ever XD

The Auron one is also lighthearted, but a bit more serious. It's a "young Auron x Jecht" pairing. (I approve!) And it's really sweet. The majority of the doujin is a set of printed fanfics. The manga section is small, but the art is very nice. I love Jecht so much <3 ^..^ Considering the fact that Tidus is his SON, I wouldn't exactly think he would be easily slash-able.. but....

SPOILERS (kinda)~~~~~~~~~~~ (But not enough to ruin the story, I swear)

You know.. after he goes off into the other world and becomes man-freinds with young Auron and Braska.. well... XD Let's put it this way.... 3 men romping in the wilderness alone for a long time leaves a lot of possibilities for male bonding

End of what you probably already knew if you got even 3 hours into the game~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I collected ALL the spheres, and still wish there had been more Auron x Jecht x Braska story. I mean.. the sad thing is... after you got far enough into the plot.. you KNEW how it had to have ended.. but Jecht, IMO, was such a great character T..T I would have liked more.

~~~~End fangirl moment~~~~


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