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I hate organizing parties. -..-*
I'm trying to get as many people to come as possible.. but with a few small exceptions, no one really seems that interested. It kind of defeats the purpose of trying to control numbers when I can't get even a tentative headcount. I'm telling everyone about it.. letting them know that it's on Fri, and that random people from all over are going to be coming in.. letting people know that they can crash and hopefully things will spill out onto Sat...
Providing food and booze XP
I guess holding Halloween parties on Halloween is a bad idea XP
Everyone already has somthing better to do, and I thought a month would be enough time in advance.
Hell.. it's almost NOT enough time to save up for drinks& food, etc. I'm very thankful to the people like Puu who are coming who have already said they would help out by bringing food, etc.
So far... I've had definite replies from:
~~Puu& Mizzimere
~~Cosmic& Drew
Bossman from Austin and Niko Neko are going to try to make it.. and then I've told a few people at work... >..< But that's it. Niko& Puu are going to try to make it in on Thursday ( I think? ) to work on cosplay& sewing stuff. I don't know when the caravans from Dallas are planning on making it in... But it's starting to sound like Saturday on Cosmic's caravan (thought I wouldn't know -..-* ) and Goat's arrival is going to depend a lot on work.
Bossman just making an earnest attempt to come makes me happy, because it doesn't really seem like a party without him.
And I THINK that a co-worker and his girlfreind are going to try really hard to make it over, and I'm looking forward to that.
So... I'm looking at 5-8 people on Friday? More on Sat? Maybe not?
Argh. I know Outlaw certainly sympathizes with me. It's just too damn hard to get anyone to come out and visit. Between Akuma's work schedule, and my constantly shifting hours, we rarely go up to Dallas, so it's not like we can just hop up and visit everyone. Every now and then someone from Houston tries to get me to go over there, but the car trip to Houston is just long enough that we have to be able to commit a whole weekend for somthing like that... and lately we just haven't had the luxury. I feel like I am in prison down here and no one cares enough to visit. Hell.. it's hard enough getting a civil word and 5 minutes of someone's time when I'm up in Dallas anyway. Boardie gatherings are kind of like taking a box full of ferretts, shaking them up in a vat of sugar and caffiene, and seeing what happens.
Everytime I get frustrated, I just want to call the whole thing off.. but there are still 3 weeks until the party, so I've just got to give it more time, and see what happens. Whatever the case, though.. I think I'm just going to give up after this. This will probably be the last big party I try and throw together, b/c it's just too annoying. The wedding was much easier! You can guilt people into coming to a wedding. XP
Poor Niko. I hope your planning for next week is going a lot more smoothly
Oh.. PS- Goat.. please let me know how many are riding down with you, if/when you find out


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