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Nothing new happening! Just thought you should know XP
I was asked to be a maid of honor at a freind's wedding! Then she said I couldn't be "maid" of honor, because I am old and married T..T
So.. I am... MATRON OF HONOR! Bwahaha!
Sounds old.

I bought some games today. Our store was doing a buy 2 get 1 free deal on ALL used games, so I couldn't resist. I bought Viewtiful Joe (this game is pretty damn hard) and Chaos Legion (confusing but pretty) and... SOMTHING ELSE! Christmas present for my husband :D
We are bad with things like christmas, though. We will end up opening all of our presents to each other waaay before christmas.. and then on chrsitmas morning, we will only have 1 or 2 things to open.. lol

I got Akuma's boots in today for his Dread Pirate Roberts costume. They look very nice! Now all I have to do is finish his shirt, finish my dress, and figure out what to do about... his pants XD
My mother in law is visiting next weekend. I need to put a zipper in my dress, and I don't know how. I think I will wait for her, since she has awesome knowledge about sewing stuff.

Zoi.. I miss you :( I hope your sabbatical is restful.


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