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-..-* Goat....

Like dude.. you TOTALLY already did that meme in your journal. Like totally.

The rest of you wondering what I'm talking about???
"Sum up your opinion or impression of me in one word, leave it as a comment in this posting, and then post this sentence in your own journal?"

Yeah. That one. I haven't done it yet, so if you guys want, feel free to play.

I'm kind of sad... I went down to the Hastings to buy Willard (released oct 7.) and they didn't have any copies!! They still haven't gotten them in yet. Bums. Worst part... idiot guy working there. I asked if they had any copies of the movie, and he said "Why on earth would you want that one."
Dumbass obviously doesn't appreciate fine cinema, dark comedies, or Crispin Glover. :P
That's ok. Even if I am the only person in the world to buy that DVD b/c they like the movie, I will be happy to have it on DVD.
I WAS able to get the Witch hunter robin DVD vol1 + box, though. NICE shot glass+NICE T-shirt +OST CD+ mini pencilboard... WOW! Nice stuff! Makes me happy..
Now.. if I only had some way of getting my hands on the Chobits vol8 manga box that just came out... (It has the final vol of the manga packaged with a ltd. ed. Chii figurine and a box to put all the manga in. I don't think I can get it here in town, though.
I also picked up the special ed. of The Lion King.
-..-* They've got a trailer on the DVD for ANOTHER sequel thing coming out for it, though. They're calling it The Lion King 1 1/2.. since it's supposedly about Timon& Puumba& what they did before they met Simba. It sounds ALMOST interesting, but also sounds like an excersize in stupidity. Oh well. As long as they still have money to throw at Nathan Lane, I will be happy. I loved his perfomance in the Birdcage ^..^ He's so great at comedy, too. I head he was in the broadway production of The Producers a while back. That would have been a great show :( Too bad I can't see all that fancy broadway-stuff unless it comes down here. (I really do want to see the Lion King broadway show........)
Blahblahblah.. I was going to babble about somthing else, but I forgot.

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