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Thank you everyone!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cosplay Panel~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I really do appreciate all your replies. They were all well-worded, and well thought out. I agree that it might not be the best topic for a panel.. but I'd like to say that if it was somthing I addressed, it would be with the utmost care and attention. Any research that would have to be done would be done. The topic would be treated sensitively, and it wouldn't be anything like a preachy lecture. If it was somthing I did as a panel, the purpose would only be to spread awareness. It wouldn't be to try and preach to anyone or strive for anything nobler than that. If someone has an ED, they're not going to be able to change just from listening to someone talk. They have to make the choice themselves to get help, or allow a freind to help them. I don't think that I would be able to "save" anyone, if that was my goal.
I'm not even really being ridiculed for somthing like that. I get made fun of enough just for cosplaying, I can't imagine anything worse than what I'm already getting. Worst case scenario is... no one shows up, and a few people come to heckle. Later, all sorts of cosplay BBS start taking turns poking fun at me. Well.. that already happens as is.. and I think I can handle hecklers. THose that just want to come in and call me a fat bitch probably would get too bored, and those with valid arguments are welcome to speak their peace. I don't care. I'd rather have an open discussion on people's opinions anyway.
In any case... I'm still thinking things through as far as that goes.

That being said...

DAMMNIT... some people don't have any lives.
We're getting a lot of hits this month already from some MMORPG website BBS that says that we (Paperwings) are all too wide for our costumes. At least they admitted they were quite good, and well-crafted. XP Assmongers.
It's not even getting shocking being called fat anymore. They need to come up with a new insult, or they don't get gold stars for creativity.
To balance that out, though, our fiberglass tutorial and our obi-tying tutorial are being linked by all sorts of people.
A NON-ANIME-COSPLAY site has linked the fiberglass tutorial! The site is for LotR fans who want to learn how to make armor, and they linked to our tutorial! :)
Willard and The Lion King came out on video today. I wanted to pick them up, but I got out of work late, so I will have to do it tomorrow.
It seems that no one liked Willard. It must have been made just for me. People were complaining that it was a crappy horror movie, and didn't scare. I, frankly, saw it as a dark comedy, and loved it. So.. it's mine, as soon as I get un-lazy tomorrow and get out of the house.
And.. The Lion King. So.. yeah.. it's a blatant ripoff of Kimba the White Lion King.. but it's still a great movie, and one of Disney's best animated films. I love it, the songs are great, and I must have this, also.
Oh.. and this Witch Hunter Robin box set came out. It's a box and the first DVD.. but it comes with a lot of COOL STUFF! As you know, I am incredibly weak to COOL STUFF.. and since this box comes with a DVD, T-shirt, SHOT GLASS, CD, etc... I'm going to have to pick it up. The series looks really cool, and I think I'm going to collect it based on Niko's good word.

I got akuma's gloves in the mail today. I ordered some nice boots the other day. I won an auction on a replica spanish swept-hilt rapier that will look quite nice.
Aside from the fact that I haven't made any sorts of plans to make pants for this costume... :X Things are going great XD

I need to draft the pattern for the top of the Buttercup dress. The sleeves and skirt are looking great, though.

Maybe tomorrow, when I go out to pick up DVDs, I will go to the liquor store and pick up a few things for the Halloween party. Best to start stocking early.


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