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...have a headache.
...can't sleep.
...watched a really freaky Japanese animated film called Cat Soup
...watched probably 8 hours of Card Captor Sakura today, catching N-kun up on the series while there was time.
...had to spoil the whole Yukito/Yue thing for him, because I only have up through episode 27, and there isn't really any store so far XD
...think I may have a mild case of circadian rythm disorder?
...think I may be making things up
...need to finish costumes...
...need to clean my house, so that my mother-in-law won't spend all her time here cleaning for us o..o

Problems in costume land.
I still dont' have boots or pants for the Dread Pirate Roberts costume. While *I* may think that my husband doesn't need pants with this costume, he kind of dissagrees with me XD Boots would be nice, too.
I have everything else I need to finish his shirt, bandanna, sash, etc, now. I jsut have to pin him down long enough to finish the shirt.

I am making a little progress on the red Buttercup dress. The fabric is very pretty, and the skirt will turn out nicely if I can make is smaller. It's gathered, and it has a slit in the back for a zipper, so things are kind of complicated with the skirt at the moment. Maybe I should make the top, and play it by ear. Whatever the case.. I need to get started. The sooner I get started, the sooner I finish.

Have I mentioned yet that I really love this red fabric? It's not fuzzy at all, but it's called peachskin. That's because it looks like peachskin from a distance.. but it's not fuzzy! It adds so much texture do the dress. I love it. I think it will really look nice. Expecially since the entire thing is one huge expanse of red with NO trim, etc. I am going to make the dress inaccurate and add some trim to spice things up a little bit. I found this really nice red corded trim with a thin chain of gold going through it. Very nice, but also pretty subdued. I think I'm going to put it at the seam of the baby-doll dress, and maybe at the seam on the cuffs. I will probably just save the extra, though.\
I need to work on it.


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