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So.. <ljuser="applcheeks"> gave me a GREAT idea for a "couple" theme halloween costume! I thought on it for a little while, and decided that she had a great idea, and decided to go ahead and do it! yay!
The awesome costume idea from Ringo was... The Princess Bride! She suggested Wesley and Buttercup. I think it's great, b/c <ljyser="akuma_shinzo"> won't have to shave his moustache XD I decided to do the red dress that Ringo suggested, but I'm having problems with her weird belt-thing. It looks like embroidered ribbon, but it is really thick. I could probably improv somthing from Jo Anne's.. but the closest ribbon was almost 5 bucks a yard... so I bought a 6 dollar belt from Target (1/2 off!) that is made up of antiqued-brass-looking rings& enameled red stones set in every other ring. I think it will look ok.
I decided to go ahead and put together a Dread Pirate Roberts costume for Akuma.. but I'm having problems with the leather aspects of the costume.. but I will hopefully have those resolved in time. His mask is a hand-molded leather mask that covers part of the forehead... which was obviously custom for the movie.. but I can't find replicas anywhere.. not even the fethish sites XP So.. I bought a more classic-looking one, and I will hopefully be able to cover the head and top of the mask with the fabric bandanna thing.
Having problems finding the right boots.. they are popular for Jack Sparrow halloween costumes :( So.. they are all really expensive... or getting bid up to insane prices on Ebay.
I'm having some trouble with the shirt, too. Stupid butterick pattern. The measurements should work.. they say they should work.. but the shirt it too small and I am out of fabric. I will improvise.
Maybe I will start the red dress.


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