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Women's intuition& somthing that made me giggle

The new job at GameStop is working out well. I'm not getting many hours.. but I'm enjoying my time there. I haven't been working there that long, but I seem to be getting more hours than some of the other part-time employees there. I really hope that they think I am doing a good job. I've been here for about a month now, but I still need to ask questions a lot.. and I still mess up a lot.. It's just stupid stuff, really... Like when I sold a family a used SP, I forgot to give them the charger XD Sometimes I do other stupid crap, but I'm trying to cut it down. I probably come off as really ditzy at work. Since I'm kind of uncomfortable in that environment for now, I get thrown off guard easily. I try not to let my mistakes get to me, but if I do somthing really dumb, it throws me off a little bit. Today, we had a fanboy come in and talk my ear off for a solid 30 min. I was trying to get work done and politely ignore him while flashing my ring and mentioning my husband, but that really didn't phase him. I was getting a little paranoid that he had gone from fanboy mode to hitting on tee-hee anime chicks mode... so I really didn't bother to talk much more, other than mention Akuma& the usual things women do when they don't want to talk to someone they feel is trying to hit on them. He kept talking about random shows and games, and his disability check or somthing... and he had some sort of walkie-talkie or somthing on him, b/c a very loud woman started singing to him. (I think it was his mother) It was really weird. In the end, he still gave me his phone number.. (which I did throw away later that night XP ) and the shift manager I was working with said that the guy was trying kind of hard to hit on me XP The fanboy was the topic of discussion the rest of the night. The encounter threw me off a little bit, and I think I ended up closing a little more slowly than usual.
I guess the kind of creeped-out feeling I got was similar to the first time I got a really dirty prank call... :( Women's intuition is really just a spider-sense that goes off when a pervert is close by.

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