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I love trouble?

I've been told that if you search for your name on internet search engines, you can find all your personal info. Personally, I think it's a crock, and I've never found anything. But, today, I figured... I have an hour until work. Why not look for trouble?
So.. I've been putting "Paper Wings Cosplay" into search engines to see who is talking about us, and what they have to say.
I've found some photos I've never seen! :D
The Iron Cosplay panel at A-kon
There's also a Harry Potter fansite out there that links to our Hogwarts costumes <3
Acually.. I've been finding a lot of things on our Sabre J costumes! XD
One site jokingly said that they thought Bloodberry was supposed to be taller than Lime. Considering it's an Ushi gallery, the webmaster must be freinds with Heero :P
The majority of sites have either been search engines we've signed up for... freinds who have linked us, or our own plugs in cosplaylab and cosplay.com profiles, which is what I expected.
At AF, I ran into someone I knew from college.. saw her a few times at the cafeteria, etc... well, I found out she mentioned me in her blog. The funny thing is.. she said that she didn't find out until later that I was a member of Paper Wings. Are we that famous?? lol.
And....Umm... huh??
I'm confused. But.. we're one of the many listed as #19? Um.. Yay us?
Someone mentioned our site in a blog, and it cracks me up. "eeeeeeeeyurghs i want a domain.
paper-wings.org sounded good to me till i realised it was some friggin cosplay site. grr. " XD Sorry! We ate the domain! Damn friggin cosplay sites!
We got this rave review on a Harry Potter fansite "- Kuvia neljästä Tylypahkan koulupuvun tehneestä ihmisestä. Hyviä esimerkkejä siitä, että ei sen koulupuvun tarvitse olla aivan täydellinen ollakseen todella hieno." I wish I knew what language that was :(

"外人の感性には本当に驚かされます・・・" Everyone in Japan seems to find my Kyo costume... I think I should feel embarassed? XD

There was also a Japanese site that came up in google that mentioned Ringo's Sugar costume, but when I clicked the link, I couldn't find the mention. It was mentioned in an old blog entry or somthing, and I couldnt' figure out how to track it down.

That was a highly entertaining waste of time, though! :D Now I have to get ready for work.


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