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Ok, Time to think about Ushi, maybe?

I'm not sure I know what costume I want to do next. I don't know how many I will make in the future, but I do have a few that are swimming around in the back of my head somewhere.

1) I REALLY want to do my Le Ciel Yu~ki. Not this one, hahahah
But this one...I think I could do justice to the costume I've been having difficulty finding reference pictures on the internet, but I do have a few photos in magazines lying around the house, and I have the PV, so I think I can guestimate most of the costume and be pretty accurate with it. (Reference photos included here in LJ for those of you who are clueless... ) Anyway.....I mean... Malice Mizer costumes are way overdone, but I've always wanted to do this specific Yu~ki costume. I liked my Mana one... and I still can't beleive I did a Mana costume... and it turned out well, too! I'm going to go out on a limb here, but I think that with my jaw line, I could probably pull off looking a little bit like him, too. Again.. as with all J-costumes.. the makeup is going to be the toughest part of all.
I'm thinking about doing that one for A-kon next year. I think it will be moderately expensive.. and as it's somthing I've always wanted to do.. it will probably count as my "big" costume.. since I will not be competing in it. We already have somthing planned for THAT anyway.... heh

2) I am going to, sometime in the future, make a Rosalyn costume from Okage. This is going to hopefully be part of a group with celine Since I'd thought about doing a Beatrix costume (Final Fantasy 9) and Rosalyn is so similar...
Well, Final Fantasy is way overdone, and I love Okage, so I'll go with the Okage one.
(I was tempted to do a princess marlene costume, too, since she looks like a red mana XD

3) Mint from Threads of Fate
Ok... This costume just occurred to me today, but it looks like it's highly likely.
With this one, Millenia, and Lily from Suikoden III, I may be leaving my red phase and going into a purple-and-orange phase XD
I played threads of fate a while back. I didn't finish.. we didn't own the game. It wasn't one of square's greatest RPGs, but it was fun and amusing. Mint is a great character. She's a stuck up princess who was kicked out of her kingdom for being snobby. Instead of learning a lesson from this, she starts on a journey to find this ULTIMATE ARTIFACT *sparklesparklesparkle* and get revenge on her sister, who is now in line for the throne. She's just the kind of really funny character who you know is eventually going to turn around and become a decent person in the end.
Or maybe not. I don't know. I haven't conquered it yet. I need to restart it.
The reason I started thinking about it was because someone sold back their copy at our store the other day.. and it was a REALLY good looking copy, and we were only selling is for 15 bucks, so I bought it. Now, looking at her outfit again.. it's pretty simple-looking, but it's actually really complicated. I think it could be a lot of fun. I will be taking what I learned from looking at the wig I commissioned from Katie and making Mint's wig myself. It will probably take one medium/long wig, and two small ones... or a bunch of extentions, if I can color match everything. It's not really orange, and it's not really pink or red. It's supposed to be a kind of coral color, so I think it could be a challenge. I think the outfit will be pretty challenging, too, because of the really weird cut of the hem of the over-garment.. and there is going to be liberal use of black bias tape. In the end, though, I think I can make it look really sharp, and really cute.

4) Somthing from Disgaea. I think I want to do Flonne(Girl in the white dress, blonde hair, huge bloomers)... but if I decide against that, I will probably be doing a female archer-class character... they look very EGL
Hard to find references for you guys, sorry :P

Ugh. All that link making has worn me out. I still don't know which costumes I should pick.
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