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Just to clarify- I don't expect people to read and reply to every single post I make. I don't exect anyone to put up with that much of me. On the occassion I type somthing very personal, though, I'd kind of like to discuss :( That's why I asked for comments. Normally, I wouldn't care too much if someone replies to my laundry list of cosplay tasks. That's just for me mostly, anyway.
Truth be told.. I'm not even sure who all the people reading my journal are. I know most of them.. and the ones I don't know don't have access to everything. Whatever the case is... if you don't read my journal.. trust me. It won't hurt my feelings if you took me off. If only 1 person read on a regular basis, I'd rather have just that one person on my list than 30+ who don't really care. Even if I have you added, don't feel you have to read my crap out of obligation. Like I said. I won't be depressed over it. I'd rather know who the people are that *do* read it than have this mystery list of random people who have me on their lists due to guilt.

Geh. Anyway. I will go kill some monsters on iRO since Comodo hit Sakray& Loki, and vent my frustrations on zombies.


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