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I steal quizzes from other journals

Stolen from <ljuser="http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=so_pseudogoth">, a freind of the Goat's
I can't help it. Most of the time, when I see a set of numbers in a livejournal.. followed by questions and answers, I don't even bother reading it... but since I'm a big fan.. XD

1. What was the album and song that started you listening to the Cure? No album in particular. I remember when "Friday I'm in Love" was playing heavily on the radio. My best freind Melissa was so happy, b/c it was her favorite band. It reminds me of the days when I'd just go hang over at her house, and we'd lay on the floor, staring at the ceiling or her walls, just listening to various music and talking. She's always been a huge music fan, and I learned almost everything I know about 90's grunge, rock& metal from her. In any case, after I heard a song on the radio.. and I knew she was a huge fan, I started checking them out a little more.

2. What is your favorite Cure album?
I don't really have a favorite album. I love everything... so I guess.. Disentegration gets a lot of heavy play... but I REALLY love the live CDs... "Show" for when I'm in the mood for the newer stuff, and "Paris" when I'm in the mood for the older stuff

3. What is your favorite Cure song?
"Push". That guitars in that song do somthing to me I just can't explain. For those of you not familiar.. it's on the album "The Head on the Door"

4. Is there any Cure song that has special meaning to you?
Two songs- "Just like Heaven" and "There is no If"
There have been no monumental lifechanging moments associated with these two.. but they always remind me of my own mortality, and the wonderful relationship I have with my husband. They say you never truly appreciate what you have until it's gone.. but sometimes songs can drive you through the hell of separation and back without actually having to go anywhere. Sometimes there's just enough of a push to make you think about things... and if even for the tiniest moment, realize what life would be like without the thing that means the most to you

5. Obviously their style has changed (somewhat), do you like the older material better than the more recent? The more recent material better than the older? Or all of it about the same? Or all of it for different reasons?
I like it both :)

6. What sort of mood does the Cure put you in (or what sort of mood do you have to be in to enjoy them)?
Hmmm.....Odd question, odd answer...maybe? Well, no matter what mood I'm in.. if I listen to the Cure, it enhances my mood. If I'm depressed, I will pick out songs in the catelouge that enhance that mood.. if I'm happy.. likewise. It seems that no matter what mood I am in, it can always enhance it.

7. Do you consider yourself a big fan or perhaps a casual fan?
Huge fan. I don't know all the odd trivia.. and I don't collect the rare memorabilia.. but I love the music more than almost any other group. Isn't that enough?

8. Did their music have an impact on forming your musical tastes? If so, what kind of impact? Yes. I didn't get into the cure until the early 90's, so it really made me go back and look at some of the other 80's British new romantics-type bands.... and because of Melissa, I found out how much I really love Erasure. She was also a huge Depeche Mode fan.. and while I like them, I don't have the sam fandom for them that I have for the Cure or Erasure. I also found the Smiths.. and decided that Morrisey is a whiny bitch :P (Still happily own "Louder than Bombs," but I don't think I'll buy anymore unless I want to end life itself)

9. What is it that you like about the Cure?
I love the other members... the 1000000 billion that have come and gone...
But Robert Smith will ALWAYS be The Cure. So.. posting everything I love about The Cure would be posting everything I admire about Robert Smith. The list is too long.


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