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I had the weirdest dream...

I had this odd dream that I was going to get to met L'arc~en~ciel. They were invited to a convention or somthing, and they were staying at my house, but it was really my parent's house. You know. One of those situations that makes absolutely no sense. Mom tells me "Oh.. and this band named.... L'arc~en~ciel... is staying with us...."
I get to her house, and it turns out that the band was staying at the covention hotel with secturity. That part made sense.
So.. I sit on the couch next to mom, and try to humor her, b/c I have no clue who the two guys sitting on the couch are.... They look like Korn rejects, but they were really roadies.
No sense at all.
I woke up before I got to say hi to the actual band.
Kinda depressing :(
One of those mornings where you wake up feeling betrayed and sad for no reason :P
I feel gyped.

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