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Cute and Fluffy

I love my Rabi costume.
The end.


I'm really thinking about doing another cutsey costume in the future, b/c I want another cute and fluffy one like my Rabi costume. Or maybe I just need to make an EGL dress. Yeah, that too. I think maybe I just want to flounce around in front of the depressed gothy A-kon people and giggle and say "OMG I'm like.. SO DEPRESSED" while wearing a big frilly black circle skirt.....
Well, I'm fairly sure I'll be making an EGL outfit for A-kon.. and I really want to make my Yu~ki costume for A-kon, too.. so I suppose.... despite my best intentions, I already have 3 costumes I want to do for A-kon.
I do have some that are 1/2 way finished that I was going to do for A-kon last year, etc.. so I may just finish up a few of my ongoing projects for Ushi.
That means heero gets leftovers :P HAHAHAHAHA

I need to make more videogame costumes. It's no secret that Celine's been goading me into some sort of Beatrix/Rosaline costume... so I think that I will probably do Rosaline from Okage in the near future as well.

So basically:
~Definitely going to do one of my dream costumes this year. Le Ciel Yu~ki. It's going to finally happen!!
~Committed to Rosaline from Okage.. date unknown
~Going to make an EGL somthing

Gotta think of somthing to do for Ushi...Thinking about finishing costumes..
Will probably finish:
~Cassandra from Soul Calibur II. She's nearly done already.
~Maybe Queen Nehelenia.. if I get prosthetic ears and body paint. MAYBE contacts, but I doubt it.


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