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Back from AnimeFest!

Animefest went well. I got a pretty decent turnout for my costuming panel. It wasn't stellar.. but I wasn't dissappointed. I think I was up against a Monkey Punch panel or somthing.. heh. In any case, I just talked through my Millenia costume, and talked about my 75% complete Cassandra costume.
Got to see a bunch of people.. got to see a bunch of drama...
I realized, though, after helping judge the cosplay.. how they judge the costumes...
And it's really somewhat biased towards skits because most of the time judges will look at costume construction and presentation. I was giving good presentation marks to anyone who got up on stage and stayed long enough for me to get a good look at the costume, and turned around enough for me to get a look at all sides of the costume. Even then... I think the judge's bias it going to be towards someone with an entertaining skit and a good costume rather than one over the other, in either way.
It's made me rethink things a little bit.. and even though I have not competed that much, I really don't think I will be a competition costumer anymore. Since I've judged at AF, I'm not sure if I will enter that masq. anymore... and I do not think I will be entering the J-rock masq anymore either. A-kon.. I will be competing at A-kon 15, but after that, I don't know. And Ushi isn't competative, but I usually don't go to the masq for that one anyway.
I feel... like if there was a way for me to judge at masqs all the time, it's what I would be doing, so I can feel like I am doing my part in helping costumers in the cosplay community get recognition for their costumes. I think... in my own small way, I've overcome a lot of my own insecurities in my costuming. It's funny how that lessens the urgency of my need to compete. Maybe if I do another "big" anime costume, I will compete with it.. but I really do feel that AnimeFest has helped me mature a little bit as a costumer. I wasn't wrapped up in the whole competing thing, nessesarily.. but I felt the need to get up there and somehow gain some recognition of my hard work. Now.. it seems that competing doesn't really matter so much to me. because I know that others appreciate the hard work put into a good costume.
Animefest was a really good convention for me...

Aside from the fact that the hotel beds sucked... it felt like I was sleeping on top of a pile of bricks every night, and every morning, I woke up feeling sick XP


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