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I must be absolutely crazy.
We get Soul Calibur II in tomorrow. I've been told it is ok to wear a costume to work.
I don't own any Soul Calibur II costumes... but I'm excited about the prospect of cosplaying to work XD
Time to make one. I started buying stuff at 4:30 PM. By tomorrow, I will have an 85% complete costume for work!
The only things I will be missing are:
Shoulder armor: (Like the Tifa armor- super easy fiberglass projects.. or plastics projects if I find the right materials. Just can't do it in one night)
Boot covers: I always like to take my time with boots. I have no white boots, and I need to make some boot covers for.. somthing.. Dunno. Kinda tough with no shoes. I will have to find somthing that is either: Blue, White, Brown, or.. Hot pink -..-* ... somewhere in my closet so that I will have somewhat matching shoes that are work-safe.
I was looking for a gaudy bright yellow pageboy wig. No one had one... XD
Ended up with a long-ish blonde/platinum wig that will work ok after I cut it. I was kind of surprised, though, b/c I always have the most problems finding cheap/party natural-colored wigs, and usually always find the bright disgusting ones.

Anyway, yeah. So... I guess I'm Cassandra from Soul Calibur II now. (Sophitia's sister)
My reference pictures couldn't decide if it was a pleated skirt on the dress or not. So guess what? I don't know how to make pleated skirts... so I made a big floppy-ish circle-ish skirt. I dunno. I modified a dress pattern that looked good, and I'm using a really nice white suiting for the dress, so the skirt folds naturally on the seams. (7-panel type dress thing) So...
I feel like a cheerleader XD


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