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New movies XD

Ok.. So I know I was talking about Van Hellsing earlier. Still looking forward to that...
I went to apple for some trailers the other day, but they didn't have anything that really interested me..
But I went back today to take a look at what they had.

New moview:

Cheaper By the Dozen (Steve Martin): I love Steve Martin... by why are you remaking this classic???? T..T

School of Rock: Uhhhh XP Looks cheesey.. but it's Jack Black, so it's pretty much decided that we're going to go see it. We'll probably like it, too

Luther: Wow..... I hope this is more exciting than the books I've read on the guy. Only reason I mention this is that the guy playing Doc Oc in Spiderman 2 is in it XD

Scary Movie3: The first one was really gross, the second one looked too stupid to rent.... the third one... looks hilarious XD Charlie Sheen, Leslie Nielson+ I think just about everyone from the last two. Makes fun of The Ring, Signs, The Others, 8 Mile, Matrix, etc... I don't know. I've been duped into seeing dumb movies before, but I'm proud to say, 99% of the time, it's because I felt like seeing a stupid movie.. so I think I'll probably go see this one.

Looney Tunes: Back in Action---- T..T I'm sad! No Brendan Fraiser!! Don't do it!!! Too late T..T

Wonderland- VAl Kilmer as a uh.. porn star/bankrobber/muderer... uh.. looks serious, gritty, etcetc. In Kilmer's defense, he's sporting some great hair and looks like he's lost some weight. Looks much better than in that weird apple commercial he did a while back where he just looked kinda sad& old with bad hair >..<

The Legend of Suriyothai- THIS LOOKS REALLY FRICKIN COOL XD You should go check the trailer out. It's a immense& epic-looking Thai period film. My best guess is that it will be subtitled... because I don't think I could pronounce the cast list correctly to save my life. This... unfortunately..... means that unless it wins an Oscar, it will never be coming to Waco >:( We got Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon AFTER it won an Oscar. We knew about it way before then, though, and we ended up driving to Dallas to see it in the end... and THEN it came to Waco. Oh well.. Own it on DVD now ^..^
In any case.. this looks really really neat... and I hope I get to see it some day T..T


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