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My sewing machine is about dead again :(

This happens about every 6 months or so. I'm so sad :( It's not such a huge deal.. b/c I can just go and get it fixed... and now that I have a job again, it'll be a LOT easier financially to get that taken care of... But they need to replace a part, (cheap part, though.. $6 part) and the repair guy only comes in a few times a week...

I just really can't afford to lose my machine right now. I'm right in the middle of Animefest preparations.
Granted, Dominique is about 90% finished, and the Ragnarok male mage is about 95% complete.... but I still need to do MY ragnarok female thief, and HIS Zazi costume.. so at the moment, neither of us have matching costumes >..<

Zazi will be pretty simple. I need to go to the craft store and buy some green sculpty and a small barrette. I just have to make the little green worm-calling tube thing and glue it to a clip so it will stick to N-kun's head XD I told him that he'd better not cut his hair anytime soon.. or it would be too short for the hairclip. I almost feel like finding a longer blonde wig so his hair will be long enough XD He keeps it pretty neat and short.. which is great for a work environment, but sad for cosplay.. heh
Then... I have to sew his poncho-thing. Would have been simple, but Zazi's poncho-thing has green trim aalll around the edges, and... some frickin red zig-zag pattern over it!!! >:( Trim is haunting me this convention!! Wait until you see photos of the Ragnarok male Mage costume, and you'll know what I mean. That thing is frickin trimmed EVERYWHERE. It took two yards of bronze satin to trim >..< Luckily, I had JUST enough, and it came out perfectly.. heh (Hi Zoi!!)
My female theif will be a little tricky, since I don't have any patterns at all... I always put off the costumes I have to draft patterns for, since I dread the trial& error...But I really don't want to mess up on the great suede-type I found for these pants, so patience will definitely pay off in the end.
I haven't started on the female thief yet, but she's already abouyt 25% finished, since I'm re-using parts of my Tifa costume. I'm going to re-use the white top, and re-use the black boots. For the boots, I will just make a cuff to tuck into the shoes using the caramel suede that I'm using for the jacket. If I get REALLY fancy, I'll stick extra interfacing in it XP
I was thinking about taking some of the khaki and making toe covers.. but I don't think I'll have much time.. and I really don't think anyone will care. It's just another T&A costume.. but without an embarassing ammount of "A" like the Tifa costume. Plus, this will be cute.. and I will get to wear my Rabi headband (Bunny band!) and bum a cig off someone for a costume prop :D (Since I don't smoke.. you'd think I would have bought at least one pack just for prop purposes.. but beleive it or not.. I'm kind of embarassed to ask for a pack of cigarettes at the store XD I feel like a little kid)

Anyone want to save me some embarassment and buy me some cigarettes? XD
Cosmic, you can do it! Then it'll be like the minor pestering her legal freind (just like highschool!) Except we'll forget that I'm legal too, and save me the embarassment :P

The other option is making a gangster mask or a flu mask.. or getting a Romantic Leaf or Flower... but....
I want to avoid covering my face w/the flu masks.. b/c I think the pictures will look better if I'm smiling ^..^ And if I had an R. leaf or flower.. I'd want to make it myself so that it would look right.. and right now I just don't have time for that.

Headgear is great. It's one of the best parts of iRO.. and makes the costumes that much more fun XD


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