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I'm....hirable?? o..O

I didn't think I'd have a job until well into next month. Looks like I got lucky!
I mean... it makes sense... things always work out somehow in the end, you know? This time, it just worked out really.... weird.

It's a long story... but here it goes.

We had a not-so-great boss at my old job. Everyone had issues with her. She ruled the place with an iron fist! etcetc.. blahblahblah
She left, and we got a new guy who was GREAT. He had a great attitude, really motivated people, I thought.... He meant new and exciting changes to the store.. and that things would be better. I wouldn't feel like quitting after every store meeting XD.
But... some bad things happened.. and a mistake was made, and he had to leave quickly. I was very sad about this, b/c I always really liked him.. and I really felt bad for him.. because while he made a mistake, he really was a great boss, and a really good guy. I never even got to say goodbye, and it bothered me for a long time.... :(
Then, we got a new manager, and she was great, too. She was different from the others, just like the guy before her was different.. and she was a great boss, too. But.. I ended up leaving the store in the end for a few different reasons.
In any case.
Jobless ol me, right?
I looked tirelessly for about a month, unable to find ANYTHING suitable for paying loans.. and I really felt that I was getting the raw end of this college thing.. b/c it left me without anything that would get me a "real world job".. and a heap of debt. In Baylor's defense... no.. in my professor's defense.. I enjoyed my time in college immensely and learned sooo much. I just didn't bother learning enough about how to make money, I guess. Darwin can't pay the bills :(

In any case... I gave up for a while... the most promising prospect, sadly.. was taking my BA over to the Petsmart and washing dogs. I REALLY wanted to work at the local GameSplort, but they said they wern't hiring. I even filled out an application& everything T..T So.. I tried the GameCrazy place.. but they had somthing messed up from the start.. made it pretty impossible to apply... So.. I got kind of lazy.
I've been a bum for a month or two.. and it's been great.. but the loan payments are starting to get kind of overwhelming again..and it's a financial strain... so I knew I'd have to go back the the real world, and soon.

There was no way I was crawling back to Hastings. I'm too proud and stubborn. If I quit, it's because I have no intention of working there ever again, damnit! heh...

So then... today M and I go shopping... (Had to pick up the new Chicago DVD. It was one of those where I swore to God that I would hate it, but when I saw it, I liked it)
And, on a whim, we go into the GameSquish to see if there was anything interesting... and the person behind the counter...
Was my old boss! The guy who was great to work with! Well, we caught up on old times, gossiped, and then M and I helped him with some computer problems... and I think I have a job now :D
The pay is probably minimum, but at this point, I don't really care too much. He said I can get 20-30 hours easily... and the job looks like a lot of fun. I mean.. it can't be too bad. Two people on my freind's list already work at a GameSnot. This makes us one big happy GameSquirt family. But more importantly.. I'm not such a financial burden on M anymore.. and I get to work someplace I WANT to work, under a boss that I already love working with...

No doubt.. I will make no money here, b/c we'll probably end up spending it all on product, if I get an employee discount XD At least this will be better than my other job, because my old job had videogames, books, movies, music, toys, magazines, etcetcetc.
This new place only has toys, games, and anime dvds :D
In any case... I don't know why in the world I'm so excited about the prospect of going back to work.... but I think things will work out well.
I'm just kind of surprised that this is coming together the last few weeks before Animefest >..< I had better get sewing.

~~Note: Mr. Manager said that some of the other employees were talking about costumes for the release of Soul Calibur II. If they do that, I want to do that too! I just have to find a non-slutty female costume I want to do XD Unless I do.. say.. PIRATE DUDE CERVANTES with his mask :D


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