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I've been looking at the Paper Wings site traffic lately, and it makes me ill.
For the Nth month in a row, my Tifa costume has been sucking the most bandwidth. Geh..
Look at somthing I spent more time on, people!!!

-..-** And apparently, our Ushi gallery pops up a lot on Japanese image search engines when people are looking for pictures of Gackt. -..-** Elya, my dear, you are a superstar.

On the other hand.. we continue to get remarkable traffic from Ringo's personal site, Genki-Gal.. and everytime Ringo links to our site on cosplay.com, we get lots of hits! hahahahah
Gren was pimping out our fiberglass tutorial again, too.. lol
And since Animefest has linked our site (for the panels I will be running) We've gained a lot of traffic from Animefest. Thank you, AnimeFest!
Lots of traffic from Katie Bair's site, too... since she linked me as a customer :D

Japanese newsgroups and BBS still find our site as an endless source of fascination >..<
"220 censored name, but you probably don't care :P

221 censored name, in case you felt like stalking a Japanese webmaster
真ん中は何人なのか教えて下さい。 "

Gee, I hope that was good >..< Staring at kanji I don't know... for too long... makes my head hurt. With all my luck, it probably says somthing like "Poor fat foreigner doesn't quite get it" Or, maybe it's a before& after comparison of what happens when you forget to whiteface your neck XP

Let's see... Also got some hits from someone searching for "Body Filler." I can help, but only if you want to make dorky fanboy things with it...

Exciting! XP


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