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More costume stuff! XD

Goals for today:
~~Finish applique-type stuff on male mage cloak
~~Re-cut neckline
~~Try to finish trimming the lower layer

If I get that done, I think I will collapse happily from exhaustion, and try to finish the cloak tomorrow.

>..< I hate doing lined things.. and I hate sewing with satin... but I love the soft "WHOOSH" feeling of wearing capes lined in satin. Go figure.

Now.. if I'm feeling REALLY productive, I'll try to make a pattern for the top capelet and get those peices cut out... but I don't think I'll assemble& trim today unless the person wearing the costume shows up >..<
I don't know how tall he is.. so I'm having to base the length off of M-kun, and I think the darned thing is going to end up too long. He said he'd call a few days ago, and he never did.. and he has 1000 msgs from me on his answering machine. >..< How can I fit clothes to a person of indeterminate height?!?! It's already hard enough to guess with the applique at the base of the cape. I am so sad :( Oh well, screw it! XD I'm just going to make it anyway. It'll fit M-kun at least!


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