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I've been working on costumes lately.. sort of. I have one started. I ran out of fabric, though. I really needed about another yard to a yard and a half.... but I used up the last of the bolt, and I didn't see any more at the fabric store. I really was going to check for more today... but I slept in. I hope I can find some tomorrow.. or I'll be... kind of screwed.. heh. It's for a cape.. and I've got 3 out of 4 panels cut out. I really need another 2 yards for the last panel, but we will have to see what happens. I decided to line it with the satin I bought for my Kozi costume (ages and ages ago) since I'm not sure I'll cut my hair this year after all. I mean.. I'm sure Greggo would wear the costume, but I'm not even sure what convention I'll see him at next.
So.. it's going to be a cape lining. No big loss.. since it's white satin, I can always buy more. It'll help make the cape heavier, though, so I think it'll work out perfectly. If I can find some more fabric for it tomorrow, I can have the majority of it finished, I think.... and maybe then I'll have the motivation to start another one of my costumes..

I'm in a new season of "All my Otaku" I didn't join in the previous ones.. and I haven't really done an online RP session in a while. I thought it would be fun.. but I'm having a few problems. The funny thing is.. none of it really has to do with the game itself. Part of it is the BBS that it's on... the Gaia forums, IMO are kind of unstable. IT's a massive fansite, and they get a TON of traffic, so it's understandable.. but a lot of times, I can't access it when I have time to type somthing up for my character. Also.. since it's such a huge-traffic site, our little game usually gets pushed back 2-4 pages each time I can manage to access it.. so it's been tricky. I get pre-occupied and discouraged kind of easily, though, so I really hope I don't lose interest because of such stupid little things.

My other main issue is with how I want to deal with my character. It's a fairly normal setting, with a fairly normal cast. I'm used to fantastical settings, and I have an unhealthy flourish for the supernatural, I suppose. I'm not really going with your typical wearwolf/god/superpowerd spiritualist/ blahblahblah powerful supernatural creature approach, though... so I think I'll be ok.
I think the only two people in the game there are on my freind's list.. and they're the ones running it, so I don't see the harm in spilling a few beans early..
But basically my character Luci is your basic perky goth.. playing up to the stereotypes b/c the thinks it's fun. She plays up the whole doom& gloom goth thing, and fits in fairly well with the other perky EGL goths in Tokyo. She's a EGL seamstress with a promising fashion carreer. She's really turned her life around. On the downside, she's the victim of a botched curse XD The person cursing her was part of a gypsy family that was having a dispute with her family. In a moment of hot-headedness, though, one of the younger girls in the clan tried to curse her. Luci wasn't really sure of the intention of the curse ****(since it was botched) but she has been living as a weird sort of revenant for a while now. She's sort of a vampire.. but not really, because it was messed up. So.. things kind of suck for her.. no pun intended.
***(technicalities- She's kind of pale, somewhat sickly, has no problem walking around in daylight.. doesn't really have any special abilities, though. She has a longer lifespan, but is rather afraid that she's perfectly capable of dying in every mundane way possible.. gets odd cravings for blood, and has sharper canines, but the closest she's gotten to any sort of benefits or special abilities is slightly higher manual dexterity and balance. Nothing really super-human)
She has a little support group that meets sometimes. It doesn't happen often, and they usually meet someplace else each time. Lately, they've been coming to Japan and visiting Luci's apartment, because she's got the nicest place. She's been able to cope the best. She has a freind that was scratched by someone who was bitten by a werewolf.. (Extrenuating circumstances. Technically, he should have become a werewolf, but since it was right after his freind got bit, it didn't work out quite right..) But instead of becoming a wolf once a month, he's just really hairy all the time, and gets called "Dog Boy." (Larry, the "dog boy" originally opted for a meeting once a month so the group could help wax him, but they decided against it because it was kind of gross) There are a few others.. like the boy being haunted by the ghost of his old hamster, And the man who was cursed with eternal hayfever, etc.... But I'm still wondering if it's a little over the top for a regular setting RPG. I can't help myself, though. I guess I'm not that creative XD
I always fall back on my supernatural characters, even when I try to make normal ones.
I guess I just have problems roleplaying somthing normal... because if I can be whatever I want, why not just go all the way and be somthing fantastical?


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