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Dear ****** (censored for your protection)

I am not ***ing amused. Get your ***** ***** ***-*** hands off my ***** antennae ball.
If I ***ing catch you, I swear I will rip off your **** and ****** shove them up your **** **** so hard that your proctologist will think you were born that way. I don't care who you are, how old you are, or where you ****** live. Your disrespect for another person's ***** property makes me want to commit heinous acts of manslaughter to not only you, but your ******-**** ******* mother, anyone that could be legally or socially coneccted to you, and ****** ***** your **** dog. One day, I hope you **** get your ***** ***** house burnt down by a ***** serial ***** pyromaniac. It hurts. It really does. Where the ****** are your ******* ethics? Times like this make me wonder if Hitler was right. You know what? ******* Hitler. I'd rather have the planet to myself than have to deal with the ****** likes of your and your genetically challenged waste of protein. Your mother should have ***** harvested you for stem cells, because they would have been a hole lot more useful than your ****** waste of space life and socially retarded ****** antics.

******* you very much, and rot in ***** hell

What do you think? I plan on printing it out and wrapping it around my bare antenna.

Today is really starting off well.
I didn't get any sleep, M has to work, someone fucking stole my goddamned golden snitch antaenna ball, and SOMEHOW... SOMEHOW... a can of coke hit a clean floor and magically sprung a tiny puncture hole. The force of it hitting the floor shook it up enough to spray fucking coke all over the kitchen, and all over me, FIVE FUCKING MINUTES after I got out of the goddamned shower.

I don't miss being social at all. I get enough personal disasters just being around my self.
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