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Ok.. so I saw this cool picture that Cosmic snagged from LXG of Sean Connery... It was a pretty spiffy promotional picture, and obviously part of a set, so I followed the image source to the rest of the pictures...
....which got me wondering about who the heck the actor was that played Tom Sawyer, b/c he was kinda cute (and not in a "oh what a hunk!" way.. but the "awww.. how adorable/Heath Ledger" kind of way..)....
....which lead me to IMDB, making me curious about some of the other cast members....
...which made me wonder about the guy who played "M"...

Look at the other stuff he's been in! I wasn't really familiar with this actor.. but the new Hellsing movie! Cool...

...and then I scrolled down.

I cannot watch Hellsing now... because when I see Mr. Roxburgh, I'll break into a fit of giggles imagining him shrieking "Like a Virgin" (He was the evil duke guy in Moulin Rouge)

But yeah.. Van Hellsing sounds really cool. The plot is strictly under wraps, but there have been mixed rumors.
Rumor 1: Hugh Jackman is playing Van Hellsing, and goes up against Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, and a werewolf
Rumor 2: (copied from IMDB BBS) "A British taskforce, lead by the daughter of the vampire hunter Prof. Van Helsing, battles the supernatural with the aid of two vampires. "
Though, the entire thread on the BBS was about whether or not the movie was ripping off the Anime -..-***

In which all I can really say is.. read the damned Bram Stoker book. It's like Disney and Ghibli making movies based on short greek snippits about the lost continent of Atlantis. There are going to be rather uncreative similarities if you're using such limited source material. It's fresh the first time around, but then you can't be sure where the heck people take the idea from there, and whether or not it's even really valid to say that two secondary sources are ripping each other off....

Of course... all worries fade, b/c good things are wrapped in period-clothing and leather.

Wasn't a fan of Hugh Jackman really.. thought he made a great Wolvie.. but really loved him in Kate& Leopold. Now I think I may become a minor fangirl.
He'll never compare to Johnny Depp, though! IMO, he's got the period-clothing thing mastered... <3
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