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Ugh! Beta testing!

OK.. so if I hadn't mentioned it before...
Akuma got in the FFXI online beta test. We both registered, but he was the one accepted for the PC version. Needless to say... when the disks came in for the game.. I was the one that registered the account and tried to start playing XD

Well, our 3rd disk was faulty, so I had to call them and ask for a new one. In came in a few days ago, but I hadn't really gotten around to installing the rest of the game, because I couldn't find the first 2 disks.

After rummaging around, cleaning, etcetc.. I finally found the disks.. installed the game, got set up.. only to find that...

This game blows. I think I could have really gotten into it if the control wasn't so shoddy. I'm really hoping that they do somthing about this... (since this is Beta we're talking about, and not final product.) The controls for the entire game are very akward. To move the screen, it's pretty basic.. You just hold down your right mouse button.. but if you're not holding it exactly in one of the four cardinal directions, it drifts off diagonally, or wherever your mouse was. I don't want to tilt the camera sideways. Sometimes I'll just want to look to the right a little bit, and find myself tilting at an odd angle, b/c I wasn't perfectly pointing to the right. This is really annoying, b/c there is no default camera angle... so I'm constantly fighting with the camera while going in doors, around corners, up stairs, etc... just so I can see what I'm doing.
Now.. that's the right mouse button.
The left mouse button operates in a whole new weird way. You have to hold down the left button to move. If you click on it once, it opens up part of your menu. So, you cannot click somewhere and have your character move there. You have to hold the button down.... which causes problems b/c you can't walk and move your camera at the same time. SOME aspects of your menus can be opened with hotkeys, but a lot of them have to be opened throught either the menu that pops up, or the "main" menu, which pops up only when you press the "-" button.... but only the one on the number pad.. not the one next to the backspace...
Most of the hotkeys are odd and combinations I've never used before. It took me 5 min to figure out how to walk, and 20+ minutes to figure out just how to exit the game.

For most confusing things like this, you'd the the instruction manual would be really handy, huh?? BWAHAHAHA I read it twice through while I was waiting the hour it took the game to download it's updates, and I still dont' know how the game works. Is very confusing. The sad fact is.. my beef isn't with the game system, graphics, or anything else. It's shoddy user interface, IMO.. and if it doesn't change, I can tell you right away I'm not going to bother to buy the game when it comes out.
Ragnarok is SOOOO much better!


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