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Somthing fun XD Maybe? I hope?
Anyway... Jess started this. Not my fault.
Try and pick out which one you are. It's probably really easy, though, b/c I'm a dork

I met you thought the A-kon BBS, and I respect you a lot more than you probably realize. You're one of those people with the confidence& determination I've always wished I had, and a kind of hip popularity that draws people to you, whether you know it or not.

I met you on the Radio Wasabi mailing list of all places. Are you sure you're not a stalker?

Freind of a freind with a fondness for berserk and a wide creative streak. Your kindness towards others never ceases to amaze me.


Met you through a freind :) You're very giggly, too. Lots of fun to be around. I'm looking forward to costuming together again :)

You're a local who doesn't really post that much :( I never hear from you anymore!!! Best Harry Potter ever.

I'm damn near positive I met YOU through a mailing list, though. It's odd how someone like myself can be so opinionated and active on a list that hates my biggest hobby. Down with fangirls!

You introduced me to J-rock. Your gift of music to me has been one of my strongest influences of the past 8 years. It's been a long time.. and even if we don't get to talk much, I still sometimes think of the roleplayign we used to do together. That Sailor Moon RPG seems so long ago now. I know you'll know this is your description right away... but for everyone else reading.. they have no idea what kind of past we've had together :) You're one of the oldest freinds I've had on this wide, wide net.

You, sir, are a crackhead. Yup. Moved across the pond and all you do is go dancing and partake of all sorts of illegal substances. I think I have about as much fun reading your entries as you do, actually doing all those wacky things :) Your random photos have made me laugh.. and in some cases, scarred me for life. (Yes, I'm talking about that one with the asian chick squirting a milk enema out her behind)

You seem to have a perfect life. Even when you have your little daily problems.. your little ups and downs to complain about, things always seem so good and happy for you. I hope that you realize what a great childhood you've had..with so many broken families and broken homes, you've gotten very lucky. When I was younger.. you didn't hear so much about divorce. It happened.. but most of my freinds had both parents that cared about them. It's not really like that anymore.. and you've very fortunate for what you have, soccer scrapes and highschool drama aside.

You are the ORIGIONAL Duel Jewel fan. You introduced me to this group before they even had an album out! I didn't pay attention to them at first, but later, I bought Lapidary through Sophie, and enjoyed it very much. ^..^ Even though I first met you through Livejournal.. I've been VERY frustrated! I've missed meeting you in person, at A-kon 2 years in a row!!!

You added me.. I added you back. You found me first, though. I have been following your kitty avatars and reading about your lasik surgery for a while, though. It sounds like everything is going well..... My eyesight is going bad slowly but surely.. but I'm not as brave as you are about burning lasers touching my eyes!

Hmmm..I can't say anything bad about you. You might hurt me XD I keep hearing about what a great cook you are, though, and it's driving me insane. Good to see that you finally got a journal, though :P

You are not who I thought you were.. and thank goodness! Everything surrounding our college carreer has had to do with forbidden hobbies and REALLY BAD roomates. I consider you one of my closest freinds, and your patience is a godsend. If I said any more, it would be less the challenge is already is to guess who you are :P

I was so happy you decided to make your group costume with us at A-kon... I hope you didn't regret it. Maybe if you get to move a little bit closer to A-kon, you can costume with us more often. You're really very cute XD I just wish I'd had a chance to listen to you talk more.

To tell the truth.. I first added you because I was a huge fan of your website and your ebay auctions. I was a customer for a while, too, whether you remember or not. I really enjoy your cheery disposition, and even when you are unhappy about somthing... you're very cute about it.. lol I have yet to figure out what your default avatar is from, but it's very colorful... a teddy bear... and a boy or somthing? It's cute... whatever it is XD

Hmm.. I don't even think you look at your livejournal anymore... ran to the forbidden land of BLOG. I saw you at A-kon last year... but not this year :( I don't know if you went or not, but I saw your father's photo booth.

Hmmm... I don't know that you do anything with your journal anymore either. You were originally going to help with a web layout for me.. but I think you lost interest or somthing.. in any case.. we really dont' talk. I should probably just remove you from my list, but since you don't ever post, I keep forgetting..

We hardly ever see eye-to-eye on anything.. and it's kind of odd that such opposites be freinds... XD I can't figure it out. IT's an enigma. In any case, I think we do balance out nicely.. or at least argue enough to agree that we can dissagree. That aside, I'm honored to know someone who is so solid in her faith.. in good times and in bad. Too often, people stick with their faith throught the good times, or when it it convenient. But not you. No matter what happens, you stand firm in your beleifs, and you have no idea how much I respect you for that. Happy birthday :)

Ah! a comrade in pain! I really wish I could get to know you better. You remind me very much of everything I wanted to be when I was younger. I wish my Egyptology was up to snuff to have a good conversation with you. I bet you didn't know that I was interested in that. XD Ever since I was little, I was determined to major in Egyptology. It wasn't until I got older that I discoverd that I actually had to pick somthing a little more... hmm.. BROAD.. lol.. and then narrow down with further school. Screw that. My Egyptology can stay a hobby XD

I met you through love of X and CLAMP. I wish you'd post more often T..T I get worried about you somtimes, you know...

I added you.. I don't remember why at first. I think it was because you were, how they say.. an INTERNET CELEBRITY! hahaha. Seriously, though..I respected the work you were doing with websites. You had a fantastic fansite for a great group, and I was very sad when you decided to discontinue it. I think to me, you symbolize everything mature and modern I wanted to be in highschool. I enjoy reading about your day... and I guess you don't mind me reading, b/c you added me back.. lol

You are a ho. Yup. At least you're my ho, though... well, not completely, I guess. I have to share you :( Makes me sad. Still, no one can flashdance in heels like you can, my darling duck.. or should I say penguin? ^..^

You are so cute!!! I have looked up to your costuming for so long! I always used to see pictures of you on fansview, and say "OMG! someone actually did that costume!! kickass!" You are my hero of obscure videogaming characters. I'm very sad that you have no confidence in your costuming skills, because your stuff is kickass. I'm so happy that I have had the chance to get to know you. You're very down-to earth, and you do realize it's just a hobby.. never taking it too seriously ^..^

I added you because I knew your significant other. I wanted to find out about the person she cares for. :) Call me nosey... In any case... You have taught me a lot about the dynamics of a solid long-term relationship. Through reading your journal, I feel... hmm.. more grounded, I suppose? I don't know. I feel that it's ok to have doubts about things sometime.. and it's ok to feel this depression occassionally.. and still have my significant other. Even though I still dont' know you as well as I would like, I feel we have a lot in common :)

When things happen, even on the internet... people do care. No one wants anything bad to happen to anyone else.. well.. nice people don't want bad things to happen to other people, at least :P And while I don't think we've ever actually sat down and talked to each other.. really... ever.. lol We do have a weird sort of bond, don't we? ^..^ Here's to more of the same XD Maybe next convention, we'll get to talk. lol

Hmm.. You're one of the "oldies." You're an original. Way back in the day, before we had any of that fancy stuff.. it was just a bunch of disorganized threads no one could keep track of.. and Alexa and Pincer bantering back and forth. But you were there. I remember you ^..^ I never actually thought that you would get together with someone off the board.. but you never really expect anyone to hook up using a BBS. Through it, though, you've nurtured a wonderfully caring relationship between two individuals... and you're so cute together!!!! XD

You throw the best convention parties ever. Period. I don't even know if you read my journal XD

I added you because you are freinds with a freind. I seem to do that a lot XD
I first met you at A-kon, and you were cosplaying as Lucifer Lucious. Huzzah!

Your life seems very complicated... but despite that, you find time for the important things... raising a family and painting gundam figures! bwahah! Here's to the cutest foot on livejournal, and the continued success of your art carreer.

Freind of a freind... I guess you get the idea. I care about my freinds, so I guess that just makes me nosy XD You've done me a few fantastic favors in the past, though, and they haven't gone unappreciated. ^..^ You and your best freind are like twins, though. When you get together, you are this super-powered force of super-fandom energy. You're not a mere fangirl, though :D You're a real fan.. with an important website, to boot!

Your whiteface and makeup always astounds. I don't remember how long I've been on your freinds list, but it seems like forever. I remember when you were going through problems with your fiancee.. and how your live turned around from there. You always have somthing nice to say, and your comments are always welcome. You just need to learn how to measure your gold trim a little bit better :P

You have the prettiest eyes... you are so adorable ^..^ I love talking with you, when we get the chance. I think, in your next life, though.. you would make a good cat ^..^ You have a love for tunafish I have seen in no other.. lol

SHOW US YOUR BOOBS! Um.. ahem.. I mean... I HAVE A DECENT PHOTO OF YOU AND I'M SELLING IT ON THE NET! uh.. um.. that's not it, either... Oh blast it all....

Stop changing your livejournal and AIM names every other weekend T..T I can't pester you to finish costumes that way T..T

We've had an interesting relationship.. but as far as business goes, I have nothing but respect for you. You're there with good advice when needed..
but blast it... when am I going to get your high score off my DDR file????

I used to worry about you a lot, you know.. Then I was kind of shocked when I found out that you enjoyed substances that would be considered illegal over here XD Well, at least you've chosen somthing that can't really kill you XD You dissappear from livejournal for months at a time, so I do tend to worry.. but you always come back, and life seems to just be getting better and better since you moved. :) I'm genuinely happy for you

Some costumers choose things that are easily recognized, but sometimes I think you go great lengths for your obscurity XD You always do a super job on it, though. Pity I never got to pose with you Fri night at A-kon, though :/

I don't know if I should type a little or a lot about you. You'll guess who you are right away anyway, thuough :P So I guess it doesnt' matter. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be in your position.. your own personal fanclub. ^..^ If you hadn't sworn off getting drunk at cons, you could have been my drinking buddy :/

To mr. lurker.
I know who you are. I know where you live, (kinda.. I know the city at least.. and that's close enough :P)and I'm going to wear my gay gothy music costumes if I want. So shove it, or I'll wear a BLOODY cow costume to Ushi :P You REALLY just need to get a livejournal :P



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